The Rise of the Virtual Event Bag

Virtual event bags have become key to remotely engaging participants and sponsors.
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Virtual event bags are gaining in popularity, especially now that, for the time being, events and programs are heading online because of COVID-19. Deliver a better experience for participants and provide measurable results for sponsors and exhibitors.

What Is a Virtual Event Bag?

A virtual event bag is a unique and effective way to provide special offers and personalized information to your participants. Its contents are similar to what might be found in a traditional event bag, but the streamlined digital presentation eliminates the need for manual bag stuffing, distribution and needless waste.

A virtual event bag is a custom-branded, dedicated landing page that serves as the central hub for your sponsor, exhibitor, charity partner and local business messaging. Participants can access digital offers on individual “tiles” at their convenience before, during and after the event.

This is just one example of a virtual event bag on both mobile and desktop. Each tile represents the offers you or your sponsors can create for events, camp and class programs, and more. This is the view participants will get of your page so they can interact with those offers.

Saving Time

Because every aspect of creating and distributing the event bag is digital, you'll never have to spend hours manually stuffing event bags again—plus it cuts down on paper waste and is more environmentally friendly. Virtual Event Bags let you focus on what’s most important: creating a great virtual experience.

Attracting Sponsorships

Virtual event bags allow you to send digital invitations to businesses, cutting out all the manual work you were doing to attract and engage potential sponsors. You will also have access to tiles created by ACTIVE’s national brand partners, which can give your event a big boost.

Plus, with a physical bag, sponsors would have to go to the trouble of providing collateral and budget to provide a handout or give away that they may never know the full success of. With virtual event bags, it’s much easier for potential sponsors to activate, as everything can be done digitally with little to no overhead cost.

Tracking Interactions

A big bonus for sponsors is being able to track return on investment (ROI). Statistics show 65% of attendees or participants visit the bag’s landing page while 70% of that 65% view placement and a whopping 50% take action on at least one offering - as shown in the graphic below. Sponsors will receive an automated report that outlines participant engagement with each of their offers. This not only allows you to see which sponsorships are most effective, but it allows your sponsors to track and manage their spending.

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March 24, 2020
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