Tips for Raising More Money for Race Charity Partners

Follow these tips to maximize your race's fundraising initiatives.
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One of the most rewarding parts of race organizing is selecting a charity partner to fundraise for. Your race may have just one charity partner or it may allow participants to fundraise for the charity of their choice. Regardless, you want to make sure that your race raises as the most funds possible to support the important cause(s). Follow the tips below to maximize your fundraising initiatives and blow your fundraising goals out of the water.

Upgrade the Donation Page  

There’s nothing worse than losing a motivated donor because the donation page on your website is clunky and unintuitive - or even worse, if you don’t have a donation page at all. Make it easy for donors to give money to your race charity by ensuring the donation page on your website clearly explains the good work your race charity does and makes it easy for donors to fork over money for the good cause.  

Make it simple for people to donate with an easy-to-use donation page.

Include the Charity Partner in Marketing

Don’t wait until mere weeks before your race to begin publicizing your charity partner, make sure they are included in all of your marketing materials from the beginning. From giving them a prominent spot in your advertising campaigns to splashing them across your social media accounts, you’ll not only generate more donations by keeping them top of mind with your racers, but you’ll help them spread the word about their cause.  

Make It Easy to Give  

It may seem as though most transactions take place online these days, but not everyone will want to give via the Internet. Make sure you have a way to capture all donations by providing an address where donors can mail checks and setting up a charity booth on race day where racers and spectators can drop off cash donations.  

Hold Bibs for Racers Who Fundraise

If there’s high demand for your race and/or if participants must qualify for your race, holding bibs specifically for those who are fundraising is an effective way to raise money for your charity partner and diversify your field of racers. Racers who failed to qualify, or qualified but didn’t snag a spot before your race filled, will still have a chance to participate by signing up as a charity racer. Charity racers are required to fundraise a predetermined amount of money for your charity partner in return for the opportunity to toe the starting line.

Holding bibs for racers who fundraise a specified amount can motivate people's efforts.

Accept Donations During Registration

When racers are registering for your event they’ve already got their credit card out and are prepared to spend some cash. That makes it a great opportunity to collect donations, too. To capture donations, include your charity partner on the registration form and give racers an option to donate when they register. Even small donations add up and if you want to incentivize racers to give, include a small perk for everyone that donates.  

Link to the Fundraiser on Social Media  

Making it easy for racers to give to your charity partner during registration and on your website is important, but your race likely reaches thousands of non-participants via your social media channels. To capture non-racer donations, dedicate a number of your social media posts to your charity partner and make it easy for your followers to donate by linking to the fundraising page directly from your social media accounts.  

Provide Tips and Resources for Fundraising Racers

Make it easy for racers who are peer-to-peer fundraising to maximize their fundraising efforts by providing resources to make fundraising more effective. By providing fundraising email templates and links to all of the important fundraising materials (such as links to the charity sponsor and the race’s donation page), you’ll make it easier for your racers to spread the word about their fundraising efforts and ultimately raise more.

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February 26, 2020
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