Top 5 Places to Find Volunteers

With these five channels, you should be able to find a good mix of volunteers.
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What if this guy turns out to be your new star volunteer? It looks like he's working hard, but you can do better. That's why you need to find volunteers in the right places. Whether you need them for events, camps, or back office tasks, finding good volunteers can be crucial to your organization's success. Here are five places where you can find volunteers around your community:

1. High schools

High school students need to do community service. Whether it's required for graduation, for a project, or to spice up the resume for college, this is a good place to find volunteers.

2. Colleges

Community service is a big part of college life for many students. Many times, colleges and universities will have volunteer fairs and leadership departments to help coordinate the process. Or, certain programs will require field experience for credit or graduation. Contact colleges in your area to tap into this resource.

3. Corporations

Some big companies see volunteering as a way of giving back to the community. What corporations are headquartered or have offices/stores in your city? Get in touch with these companies to see if they have a program in place. This could be a good way to get volunteers with specific skills.

4. Referrals

This isn't a place, but it needs to make the list. If you currently have volunteers, ask them to invite their friends. You could continually fill volunteer positions through referrals because volunteers are your best recruiters.

5. Clubs/Groups

The Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Rotary Clubs and other organizations around town could be another place to find volunteers. Make a list of the groups and clubs that meet in your community and see if their members have any interest in volunteering.

With these five channels, you should be able to find a good mix of volunteers. Now, it's up to you to manage them effectively and say thank you.

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January 24, 2020
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