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Go digital this summer with Digital Forms & Workflows. Our latest release completes the last piece to your digital form experience. It’s time to automate the processes across your entire department and improve your organization with Digital Forms & Workflows.

Why Go Digital?

Below are some of the amazing benefits to utilizing Digital Forms & Workflow:

Save Effort

With digital forms, information flows immediately and accelerates the entire process. You can now pre-fill the form with student-athlete and prospect information. Database fields can be updated back to the student-athlete’s profiles. Additionally, minor changes will no longer require you to start over with a new form. 

Ease of Use

When created in a workflow, forms can efficiently integrate automation rules saving you time from having to organize. Use the new, clean interface to easily search to find a form for a particular-student athlete. Receive automatic notifications within each workflow step providing you with a seamless process that keeps you informed and up-to-date. Don’t worry about distractions – you can easily save your form and come back to complete it at your leisure.


With all features available to all users on the app, your student-athletes will love it! You can take pictures of transcripts and receipts on your smart device and upload them to your forms. 

New Capabilities

Eliminating manual data entry means getting rid of a critical source of process errors. Digital Forms can handle complex workflows by using multiple forms in a single workflow. Number fields with formulas can be used to auto-sum, for weighted evaluation scores and more! People outside of the workflow can also be notified and view the forms. 

Explore the Possibilities

  1. Coaches can use the Form Library to request off-campus recruiting. 
  2. JumpForward will pre-fill the information while coaches complete the essential remaining details.
  3. Compliance approves Request to Recruit Off Campus. JumpForward will then automatically assign the Recruit Trip Expense Form to the coaches involved.
  4. When the coach or coaches travel for recruitment, they can take a photo of the receipts and directly attach it to the form in the Expense Form on the app. Unlike the PDF form, coaches don’t have to complete in its entirety once it has been opened. They can save progress as they go!
  5. When the coach or coaches return to campus, they can complete the outstanding fields on the form, upload remaining receipts and JumpForward will systematically sum the total for business offices approval.

Summary Showcase

  • Various forms now available in one workflow
  • The ability to form-fill on the mobile app
  • The capability to take a photo on the app and upload it to the form as an attachment
  • The option to save progress and come back later
  • Automated formula fields for efficient and seamless results

Customer Love

Check out what JumpForward users are saying about the new Digital Forms & Workflow.

“Our staff’s implementation of JumpForward’s digital forms and workflows has been extremely beneficial. Its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design has served to streamline our processes and improve our efficiency.”
Jim Hilliard, Director of Compliance, Financial Aid, University of Illinois Athletics
“Using JumpForward’s new workflow system has changed our processes in athletics as a whole. We have redesigned some procedures in our department and across campus to allow for a smother, streamlined digital process. Change with anything always takes adjusting to but once you learn the new system of how to create the forms and navigate the workflows it is easier than before when needing to create something new. I am excited to get to have a more user-friendly system on campus.”
Shelby Stueve
, Associate AD Compliance and Student Success & SWA, Seattle Pacific University
“Utilizing the Digital Forms on JumpForward has been overwhelmingly well-received by our coaches! Not only was the process of setting up the form seamless (with a little assistance from the JF staff) but many of our coaches have commented about the ease of using them. It’s made our scholarship renewal process shorter and easier for all which is really important to a small compliance staff.”
Jennifer Quirk, Sr. Associate AD/Compliance, Fairleigh Dickinson University
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Leslie Stonestreet
Senior Product Marketing Specialist
June 16, 2022
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