What’s Next for Plancast? Mobile apps, Organizer Tools and More

How Plancast is making activities more accessible to participants.
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Earlier this year we acquired Plancast, a social site that allows consumers to post and share activities with their friends. We’ve been busily evolving the Plancast platform since then and thought we’d give you an insight into what’s in store. Read today’s news here.Plancast users are active individuals with a busy schedule of events, meetups, conferences and classes. Plancast gives them a way to discover new events and manage their daily plans. A key area of focus for us is introducing new features to make managing and sharing plans even easier. These include: smart browser tools for easier plan management, notification services so you can track activities and get real-time updates and dynamic synchronization with other calendar apps.

The latest Plancast also offers a more intuitive mobile experience, via the official Plancast mobile app, allowing users to capture and share details of an event instantly, and discover popular or nearby events while on the move.

For organizers, we’re expanding the range of management tools, adding more event promotion services and introducing more ways for organizers to capture and share content such as photos and videos from participants. We’re able to combine ACTIVE Network’s experience working with over 50,000 organizers with Plancast’s functionality to create a truly intuitive and valuable tool for organizers of small events.

So how does all this fit the ACTIVE Network vision? It’s all about making activities more accessible. We’re building the world’s first activities marketplace – a network of web sites, mobile apps, tools and even corporate wellness programs where organizers can promote their events and get participants and participants can discover and register for activities. Plancast is now another one of the ways we bring organizers and participants together.

Look out for more updates in the coming months.

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January 24, 2020
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