Why Your Organization Needs a Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool that every organization should utilize.
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Have you noticed that when you look up a local business on Google that its information appears on the right hand side of your desktop browser, or below the first or second hit on your mobile device? All pertinent info for that business is readily available via Google My Business for anyone who needs it, and it’s usually a go-to for many when it comes to finding and utilizing information they need about a business they are looking to patronize. Are you utilizing and regularly updating your organization’s Google My Business? If not, read on to learn what it is and what it can do for your organization. 

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool for any business. This free tool helps organizations update their information, such as address, phone number and website, so that when they are searched, the information is readily available. This information is also updated on other Google properties, like Maps. However, if you want your business to appear in Google Maps, you must have a physical address.

Any business can set up and customize its Google My Business information, which is as simple as looking up your business, clicking on the “Own This Business?” link and following the prompts. Or go to Google.com/Business and select Manage Now. This guide from Social Media Today is very helpful if you need help setting up your Google My Business page.

What Does Google My Business Do?

Aside from managing your business information and updating it regularly, you’ll also be able to share photos of your business. From images taken of the outside and inside of your location to pictures of what goods and services your business provides, you can add whatever you think highlights your organization best. 

Pro tip: While you can upload photos you have personally taken, it is always best to upload professional, high-quality images when able. 


Google My Business also has some great features that will help you interact with customers and gain helpful insights on how customers searched for your organization, as well as showcase what your organization can do for your community.


One of the best things about Google’s tools is that you get insights into your audience that you might not have anywhere else. With these insights you’ll be able to glean information about the following, according to Social Media Today:

  • How customers search for your business
  • Queries used to find your business: the most popular queries for your business by unique users
  • Where customers view your search on Google
  • Customer actions: Are people clicking your website or calling you? What buttons are they clicking on in your listing?
  • Phone calls: How many people are calling you directly from your Google listing?
  • Photo views: the number of times your photos have been viewed

It’s through these insights that you’ll be able to truly understand how your customers and current members are looking for you online and what piques their interest in regards to what your organization offers before adjusting accordingly.


It is imperative that you make sure that any and all information you add to your Google My Business is regularly updated so that it reflects exactly what your business offers, as well as hours of operation, contact information, location, category of business and more. In making sure contact, website and location information is up to date, you are giving your customers and members the ability to easily find you and reach out to you if they are in need of your organization’s services and offerings. Think of it this way: The less searching and clicking, the better. Making it as easy as possible to find your organization makes it easier for potential customers to convert.


When it comes to potential customers’ decision making, a lot of them take reviews left by past and current customers into consideration. Through your organization’s Google My Business, your past and current members can leave reviews and you can respond to those reviews if you choose to do so.

Reviews are a good way to take the temperature of how your organization is doing, as well as see how you can improve. Engaging with reviews shows your community that you are attentive to their needs and that you care about what you are providing. 


Through Google My Business you have the ability to regularly update posts, much like that of Facebook, in which you can inform potential customers about current promos, events or future happenings within your organization. Keep these posts short and sweet, precise and timely, and make sure to what you bring to the community.

There are multiple types of posts templates to choose from:

  • Events: includes dates and times of upcoming event
  • Offers: a great place to includes promotions for specific classes or offers your organization may be running
  • Hours updates: edit hours if there are any changes, especially if things change around the holidays
  • Products: if your organization wants to promote any products, this is a good post to utilize
  • What’s new: a great place to add general updates to your business, such as current COVID-19 measures

Photos & Video

As mentioned, utilizing professional photos is ideal but not required—the same goes for video. Think of it as putting your best foot forward. What quality of imagery would you like to see as a potential customer? Quality images and videos give customers and potential customers confidence in their decision to partner with you.

Products & Services

If you have any products or services (think classes and programs), this is a great place to highlight all you have to offer. It makes it easy for potential customers to know what you offer the community and how you can help them accomplish their goals.

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April 6, 2021
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