Year-End Reporting Made Easy With ACTIVENet Hub

Never dread year-end or quarterly reporting again with the help of ACTIVENet Hub's meaningful business intelligence reports that are convenient and automated.
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Ever wish you could wake up on January 2 and simply pop open reports of how your previous year ended? Well, with ACTIVENet Hub and a business intelligence tool like PowerBI, that wish can be a reality! The structure of Hub data makes it easy to put together meaningful visualizations of your operational trends, and since it is updated in near-real time, you can create automations that refresh your visualizations as soon as a month or year comes to an end.  

Take a quick look at the following samples. The first two show the same Combined Revenue report for two different organizations. The first is more facilities-oriented and the second is more focused on memberships. Notice how the proportions of revenue mix, as well as how the trends make themselves apparent with these visualizations.

The next two are examples of deeper dives into specific operating areas. Billable Facility Reservations shows trends for hours billed over time and by event type. Membership Statistics shows trends of active units, joins, and cancelations over time.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities for how ACTIVENet Hub data can work for your organization in building meaningful business intelligence reports that are convenient and automated.

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January 4, 2023
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