Merchandise Sales

Take advantage of camp enthusiasm during the registration checkout process by offering camp gear and branded products and allowing parents to add funds to camp accounts.


Parents Love "One-and-Done" Processes

Checkout is a great time to suggest items campers will need and let moms cross these items off their list and pay for them along with camp fees. One less trip to the store makes you a hero!


of parents we surveyed have purchased supplies at registration


of directors we polled offer supplies at registration


Engage Customers Every Step of The Way

All customers cycle through a series of touch points that start with finding your camp and end with reminiscing over their camp memories.

The more of these moments you can engage them in, the more loyal they become to your camp. The convenience of purchasing items at registration shows you’re thinking about their needs at each phase of the journey.

Why say no to additional revenue streams?

Think of all the products your campers will purchase before they arrive.

How many of these can you provide? Attach your camp’s name and logo and your campers will happily become brand ambassadors, generating free advertising for you. Offering merchandise at registration is a great way to supplement camp revenue.


Enjoy a Streamlined Inventory Management Process

Afraid selling merchandise will become a full-time job for you?

Never fear! With ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager’s auto-alerts, it’s easy to keep track of what you have and what’s running low. You can run reports of sales per session or season, and cancellations and refunds are a breeze. With the Fulfillment Report, you'll have an always-updated view of which participants have received their purchases.

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