Manage camp staff and volunteers

Effectively running your programs is only possible when your team is empowered to access the data they need anytime, anywhere.

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Assign Administrative or Access Rights to Individual Staff Members

Administrative tasks are a breeze, even more so when you can assign them to other people! No need to worry about security with the data in your camp management software, however. You can set specific access or administrative rights to each individual:

  • Staff can pull daily rosters and other approved, need-to-know data
  • Protect sensitive camper information
  • Restrict access to financial data to only those who need to work with it

Mobile Staff Management Software Gives On-The-Go Flexibility

Directors, counselors, instructors, and other camp staff aren’t always in the office. Wherever, whenever access to your staff management software and database lets you and your staff work on the go:

  • Cloud-based software provides access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Mobile- and tablet-friendly interface for 24/7 access and messaging
  • Stay in contact with employees or volunteers no matter where they’re located on the premises
  • Enable them to locate database information even when they’re away from home base

Built-in Email Features to Keep in Touch with Staff and Volunteers

Staff and volunteer management software contains powerful communication tools that give you flexible options for relaying information:

  • Schedule emails
  • Quickly target emails to specific groups
  • Save emails you send frequently for later use
  • Include multiple attachments

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