2022 Release Recap – Product Releases & Enhancements

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2022 Product Release Summary

As the industry began to open again, our development teams continued to focus on delivering products and services that not only support our clients doing more with less but also shifting to critical revenue-generating tools and functionalities.

Below is a timeline summary of what our dedicated development teams were able to deliver to support you, our amazing clients! As a reminder, you can access detailed notes for each product release.


  • Order Cancellation Improvements: Including the ability to refund Custom Fees
  • Revenue Report Enhancements: Including Credit Balance reporting to better reconcile across payment types
  • Credit Balance: Participant-level refunds
  • Race Pass: Enhancements to better support gift giving of tickets.
  • Experience App: Support for hybrid and virtual events


  • Custom Reports: Added the ability to copy the structure of existing custom reports to save you time.
  • Enhanced Credits Balance Report: Includes enrolled registration information of each credits balance transactions
  • Race Pass: Added downloadable race pass owners report
  • Individual Chance Entry: Added Multiple Selection form improvements
  • Registration workflow: Legal guardian information enhancement
  • USA Triathlon (USAT) sanctioned event enhancement: Non-Participating Team Captains no longer prompted for license validation or purchase
  • Order Cancellation: General workflow improvements      
  • Race Pass: Edit usages, configure price schedule & order cancellation page enhancements


  • Self-Edit Setup: Redesigned page with easier and friendlier toggles, and renamed it as MyEvents self-edit setup
  • Facebook Sharing: Improved post-registration content sharing
  • Race Pass: Owner can now be edited if the Race Pass hasn't been redeemed
  • Volume-Based Pricing: You can now skip the current price tier before it is sold out and move directly to the next price tier
  • Document Management: Allow your event team to input a custom refuse reason when managing the registrant's documents
  • Registrant's Profile Page: Enhanced to display more useful information with less clicks


  • Email Tool: Upgraded to allow drag and drop of multiple widgets in a single line while editing email content. Example, now you can stack multiple images or text blocks side by side on the same row.
  • Ledger Report: Improvements to include Custom Fee labels
  • Ledger Report: Added the column Is Cash-Out in Credit Balance report to help your event team to determine whether the Credits Balance has been refunded back to registrant's credit card
  • Credit Balance Report: Added the column Active ID/Agency ID to help your event team to distinguish whether the Credits Balance is made from a registration that belongs to the account holder themselves or a registration they made for someone else's
  • The USA Triathlon (USAT): Membership agreement and waiver has been updated to the latest version


  • Registrant Profile: Waiver status and order update date had been added to provide more useful information up front
  • Referral Rebate: Widget has been added on the Registrant Profile page
  • Global Discounts: Feature has been upgraded to allow mass import and mass management
  • Enhanced Display: Abandoned Cart notification email and Confirmation email


  • BETA Release: New remittance report and statement generating tool


  • Donations: Enhanced setup process for both system admin users and participants. You can now add charity descriptions & images, as well as configure “fast donations” buttons to encourage donations.
  • Revenue Reporting: Allow your event team to pull a revenue report for a specific date range based on GMT time zone and your agency's time zone


  • Donation’s Expansion: Countries now include United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, European Union countries and United States of America. Currencies supported are GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, EUR and USD


  • Category Access Restrictions: Your team can now restrict the price type to be accessed by integrating with a 3rd party API database
  • Promo Link:  Name is now available in Custom Report even if no discount is associated


  • Donations: Workflow enhanced to increase speed and ease of use, allowing participants to quickly choose their charity of choice.
  • Non-Participating Team Captains: Your event team can now configure a capacity for this price type, outside of event level capacities


  • “Full image” display option for Merchandise: Your event team can choose whether to display the thumbnail or the full image of the additional purchase picture in the consume registration workflow. This allows you to include more relevant information about your additional services in a visually appealing way.
  • Category Access Restrictions: Consumer category ID column is now available in event registration report


  • Email: Additional improvements are planned to allow for fully customized confirmation emails
January 9, 2023
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