24 Activities That Will Get Young Professionals Through Your Doors

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Yuppies. Say what you want about them, but they have incomes and a general affinity for the hottest fitness trend, class, and activity. They also take to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before, during and after participating in a cool activity. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal customer? Depending on the demographics of your community, you could tap into the young professional market with some new and trendy offerings.

To help you understand what young professionals are looking for, here is a list of activities that are currently trendy in the 20 to 30 year old range:

Workout Classes

1. Aerial acrobatics (aerial silks, trapeze, etc.)

2. Boot camps

3. Boxing/Kick boxing classes

4. Crossfit

5. Dance classes

6. Hot yoga

7. Kettlebell workouts

8. Martial arts

9. Rock climbing

10. TRX

11. Zumba

“Mob” Events

12. Alpha Warrior

13. Color Run

14. Electric Run

15. Mud runs

16. Obstacle course races

17. Walking Dead Escape


18. Cooking classes

19. BYOB painting & art classes

20. Toastmasters

21. Speed dating or group dating (or networking)

22. Parenting classes at night

Other trends

23. Fitness/weight loss/workout apps

24. Personal training

So if you’d like to tap into the young professional market in your community, try to incorporate some of these trends, classes, and events into your offerings. (This list was compiled from a few sources. Contributors include Curt Jackson, our race director blog, and informal polling of Yuppies around the office.)

Are we missing any?  Tweet us to get your recommended trend added to the list.

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January 24, 2020
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