3 Ways to Grow Your Before- and After-School Programs

Check out our helpful tips to grow your before- and after-school programs.
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Growing your before- and after-school programs year after year can seem like a daunting task. Aside from planning the day-to-day activities for your programs, training and vetting staff and managing operations, you have to ensure your participants return every year on top of gaining new ones. While this might seem like adding even more to your ever-growing to-do list, a great plan and strategy is all you need to ensure your organization is able to generate more revenue and see growth year over year. Check out our helpful tips to grow your before- and after-school programs below.

1. Get the Word Out

While you may have returning participants each year to your before and after-school program, that’s simply not enough to sustain them. What’s an organization to do? Spread the word! Utilize your email list and send regular correspondence about your programs, as well as offer multi-family discounts or promotions to sweeten the deal. 

Have a Facebook page or Instagram account? Routinely share posts about registering for your programs, as well as run targeted ads on the platforms, to reach potential participants’ parents and guardians in your area. Don’t forget to send out a newsletter to your current participants to encourage them to share your posts on their social accounts.

2. Make Registration Simple

Registering for before- and after-school programs should be easy for parents and guardians, especially if they’re busy taking their kids to school, extracurriculars and other activities. Instead of having them register in-person or via a chain of emails, offer a one-stop shop for registration online that can be done from any device that includes secure payment processing. 

Offer the ability for parents and guardians to register multiple participants simultaneously and easily fill out waivers and forms required for attendance. A great way to give families peace of mind while also increasing registrations is by offering multiply payment options that include paying by credit card, payment plans and automatic billing.

Streamline the experience even further by offering gear, T-shirts and other related merchandise at the end of the registration process.

3. Easy-to-Understand Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your before- and after-school programs and make data-driven decisions that will boost revenue and improve efficiency with dynamic reporting and analytics. Measure the success of your programs and discover historical trends with accurate reporting and have better visibility into enrollment and transactions. If you’re also selling merchandise, you can easily determine which items are worth keeping and which need to be discontinued based on sales reports. 

With reporting and analytics you can also view open rates, click-through rates and more from  your emails and newsletters to determine which campaigns are successful and which need improving. It’s through this data that you can take a deep dive into understand your efforts from both a holistic and granular point of view to determine what steps to take to grow your programs. 

Grow Your Before- and After-School Program with Camp and Class Manager

ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager helps you spend more time creating educational and compelling before- and after-school programs instead of spending hours on administrative tasks. With our innovative online registration platform, parents can easily and quickly accomplish their needs from any device. Make the registration process a breeze with easy-to-create-and-use customizable registration forms that deliver you all the participant information you need. The innovative software even has marketing and communication tools, as well as helpful reporting tools and features designed to empower you to make impactful business decisions. Connect with us today to learn how Camp & Class Manager can set your before- and after-school program up for success.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
September 15, 2021
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