4 Simple Tools to Help Grow Your Camp

Grow your camp and see results with these 4 simple tools.
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As a camp administrator, your list of to-dos is always changing. Along with building new programs and coordinating events for your community, you’re tasked with finding new systems to grow your camp and improve profitability year over year. You likely already have a marketing process in place to connect with families and drive registrations, but what if there was a way to make that system more efficient and effective? 

Try these simple tools to improve your camp, boost income, and scale up each year while knocking several tasks off your to-do list!

1. Camp Reporting & Performance Tracking

You have a gut feeling about where your camp is excelling and struggling. But without concrete data, it can be tough to decide which areas need to improve—and how much of your time and budget that performance boost will require. That’s why it’s so crucial to invest in performance tracking and reporting tools. 

The class camp management software right camp management software unlocks game-changing insights on your camp’s performance with easy and robust analytics. You can leverage camp reporting and performance tracking software to assess your camp’s:

  • Financial performance
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Efficiency across seasons and sessions
  • Individual customer enrollment and history

Before you start making any changes to improve your camp, you have to see what’s working and what’s not first. Reporting and performance tracking equips your team with hard facts and data so you can make decisions objectively—and develop new strategies to target specific weaknesses, whether that’s in enrollment, operational efficiency, or even participant communication. 

2. Online Camp Registration Software

Once you have reliable data on how your camp is performing, it’s time to tackle those operational problems one at a time—starting with your registration process. If you’re stuck using paper forms or outdated camp software, you already know how frustrating it can be to sign users up for your programs. So why not modernize and streamline this process with better forms and software?

Online camp registration software completely transforms your registration process, saving time and stress for you and your campers alike. This solution gives you access to several pre-built registration form templates, which you can tailor with custom content to match the look and tone of your camp’s website. With this approach, customers can even register multiple campers for multiple camp sessions at the same time!

The class Effective camp management software also offers more diverse pricing and payment options for camper families. For example, you can deliver promotions and discounts to attract customers looking for camps with a lower cost of entry—or charge for optional items like merchandise, meals, transportation, and special activities right from your website. This software solution also offers secure payment processing, so you can be sure your registration system is safe, dependable, and fully compliant. 

3. Email & Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and most convenient ways to keep customers and families updated about your camp, ranking even higher than some social media platforms. In fact, studies have found that 90% of users opt to receive company updates via email newsletters vs. 10% through Facebook. Unlike social media posts, emails and newsletters will put important information on your camp in each participant’s inbox permanently, allowing them to save and reference back to your message when it’s convenient. 

The one challenge with email marketing campaigns is that they take time and effort to create. That’s why many camps invest in software with digital marketing features. Your team can use software for camp marketing and communications to access beautiful email templates. These pre-built emails are easy to customize with your logo, camp photo, and contact information, allowing you to craft thoughtful, valuable messages for users in a fraction of the time. 

There are many ways you can harness marketing and email event and campaign management software to grow your camp quickly and easily, including:

  • Offering special promotions (like limited-time coupons) to entice families to sign up
  • Upselling registrants by marketing camp gear and merchandise
  • Analyzing the results of your marketing campaigns to build more effective messaging

4. Custom Landing Pages

Your website is the online front door for your camp; it’s also your first (and most important) impression for many potential customers. At a glance, prospects visiting your website need to see that your camp is safe, professional, fun, and most of all relevant to their unique interests and goals. Thankfully, there’s a simple tool to help you segment and personalize your website to appeal to different audience types: custom landing pages. 

A landing page is a single web page that you can link to any marketing promotion, email, or online advertisement for your organization. Unlike general websites (which have tons of content and tools to appeal to many types of users), landing pages are designed around a single goal and audience. You can use these stand-alone marketing tools to create and distribute tailored messages for specific camp programs or types of customers. 

With our class great camp management software, you can create attractive, fully optimized landing pages in minutes using pre-built templates. Customized camp landing pages are a perfect way to direct participants toward important content they’ll care about—and market to individual audience segments.

Grow Your Camp Together with ACTIVE Network

ACTIVE offers a wide range of simple tools to help you grow your organization and programs reliably, including marketing, registration, and event/campaign management software. For example, our ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that combines online registration with camp management and marketing software to offer:

  • Streamlined camp marketing and communications
  • Flexible, mobile-friendly online forms for registrants
  • Built-in analytics to assess and improve your messaging
  • Versatile tools to manage and grow all camp types

Contact ACTIVE Network for more information on our best class camp management software—and start putting our expertise to work for your camp and community today!

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February 24, 2021
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