ACTIVE Community Celebrates Camp Kindness Day 2020

Camp directors talk about Camp Kindness Day and the impact of intentional kindness.
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Each and everyday, American camps teach kindness in ways that impact campers and staff members long after camp has ended. By making a commitment to fostering kindness, compassion, generosity and care at camp, the hope is that those traits follow campers home and ultimately immerse into society as whole.

Camp Kindness Day is all about highlighting that type of intentional kindness and bringing awareness to the fact that it is happening all across the country.

Melissa Curtis, director of auxiliary programs at The Hockaday School, says, "I've seen how an atmosphere of kindness helps all campers to feel included, to feel a greater sense of self-confidence and self-esteem." 

She says it ultimately starts at the top with how staff treats and interacts with each other, which sets the tone for how campers will interact with their peers.

Owner & Director of Youth Runner Camp, Dan Kesterson, says when campers experience that type of kindness and friendship with each other, it sticks with them for years to come.

"Sure they came to learn some new running skills, but the most important thing that they really get is some acceptance," Kesterson says.

He added that he will often see Instagram photos of former campers together years after they attended camp.

Watch the video below to see what else Curtis and Kesterson had to say about this special day!

Happy National Camp Kindness Day!

Thoughtful and compassionate gestures go a long way in building friendships and lasting bonds. For #CampKindnessDay we asked two of our awesome camp directors why kindness is so important. Check out what they had to say!

Posted by ACTIVE Network on Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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July 14, 2020
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