ACTIVE Featured in New Children’s Book as One of 52 Adventures to Build a Better World

New interactive children's adventure book features and
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“Adventures in Kindness,” a new children’s book by mother-daughter duo Carrie and Sophia Fox and illustrated by Nicole Wong Forti, features and as one of its 52 adventures for families to build a better world. Within the pages of the book, kids can find creative and active ways to make the world a better place.

It all started with a list of ways to show kindness. Sophie and Carrie didn’t realize at the time it would turn into a book. “We realized we had a really long list, so we decided we should go on some of the adventures we came up with,” Carrie says. “Then we realized we might have something that other kids and their families would enjoy, too.” 

Click the image above to read ACTIVEKids' interview with authors Sophia and Carrie Fox

The book, which is designed to be interactive, allows families to reflect on their adventures. There are even writing prompts, such as “What’s one thing that surprised me about the adventure?” There’s even an online “kids club” where children can earn badges and stickers for completing adventures.

“The idea is to wear kind proudly,” Sophia says. “It feels good to be kind; let’s wear it proud.”

While checking out and for ideas for races, classes and camps to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for the whole family is one of the 52 adventures, there are a plethora of other activities families can choose from as well.

“One thing me, my mom and my sister are doing right now is a 26-day family fitness adventure,” Sophia says. “We bike one mile for 26 days and at the end you’ve done a marathon. Then you can go online, and they’ll send you a medal.”

It all started with a question: What would the world be like if people weren’t mean? That’s the thought Sophia Fox, age 9, and her mom Carrie Fox, decided to ponder one night in a journal they shared between them. This initial question grew their new book, Adventures in Kindness.

The initiative, called Dream Big, is set up to help kids build healthy habits and gives families the option to choose from a number of activities to do everyday, from walking to reading. Other adventures featured include trying new vegetables or going meatless for one meal each week.

All of the adventures revolve around having fun and getting active, but the main goal is kindness—kindness toward each other, the community and even the environment.

“I hope that after someone reads the book, they are a kinder person—that they help people and are nicer to the environment,” Sophia adds.”

“Adventures in Kindness” is available for pre-order on and on Amazon. The book retails for $18.95, and a portion of every sale goes to the charities featured in the book. For the full interview with Carrie and Sophia, check out the article on

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May 5, 2020
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