ACTIVEWorks Endurance 2021 Product Release Recap

A review of the amazing ACTIVEWorks Endurance product releases in 2021.
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Now that we are in 2022, we’d like to take a minute to reflect on how ACTIVEWorks Endurance has changed over the course of 2021 and what we’ve been able to create and bring to you. With new releases, product enhancements and more, our race registration technology continues to help you elevate the participant experience so that your events stand out from the crowd, achieve more with our current resources, and create new revenue generating opportunities for your organization.

Here are some of the highlights of 2021:

Results Report

Now supported for all race types. This feature is used to download results for your races, amend or add to these results and then re-upload them to ACTIVE Results and have these sync back into your ACTIVEWorks Endurance account connected to your participants for further analysis.  

Click here to learn more.

Enhanced Registration Workflow

We have simplified the participant selection with the Enhanced Registration Workflow. During registration to avoid confusion for registrants and to reduce athlete services enquiries, your customers can now more easily select whether they are registering for themselves, on behalf of another adult or on behalf of a minor.

Learn more now!

Chargeback Enhancements

Automatically cancel refunded registration with confirmed chargebacks. To ensure that your registrants cannot attend an event when they have issued and won a chargeback claim with their bank, their registration status in ACTIVEWorks is now automatically changed to cancelled. The registration in the participant’s profile is also flagged so that your athlete services team can easily see who issued the chargeback when they call or email in.

Find out more.

You can now block refunds of orders with chargebacks in flight. To protect you from double refunding orders and registrations where the cardholder has requested a chargeback, you are now blocked from refunding orders until the chargeback status has been confirmed by the issuers bank.

Read the release notes for details.


With the VAT/GST pricing feature, you can now configure an event to display VAT/GST – inclusive prices with a few short steps. If your customers expect to see event and merchandise prices inclusive of VAT/GST, then contact your Account Manager to discuss enabling our new Premium-tier VAT/GST pricing feature.

Learn more now!

USAT Membership Update

We’ve made it easier for your customers to register for a USAT-sanctioned events. They can now select to purchase the latest USAT membership types and sign the corresponding agreements/waivers.

Click here for more information.

Merchandise Transfers

You can enable merchandise transfers for event-to-event transfers. This feature builds on the previous event-to-event transfers feature and means that you can now enable your registrants to self-transfer global merchandise and the included t-shirt from one event to another.

For steps to enable this function, click here.

Hybrid Endurance Event Support

Previously, you could only create either a physical or virtual Endurance event. Now you can create a hybrid Endurance event offering both physical and virtual categories on the same registration form, which allows your participants to decide whether to hit the pavement with a crowd or run at their own leisure, or swap from physical to virtual and vice versa later, depending on your transfer configuration.

To create a hybrid or physical Endurance event, follow these steps.

On your athletes’ Results pages, for hybrid Endurance events, your athletes can now:

  • View the results of an in-person or virtual event by clicking the Live race or Virtual race tab.
  • Submit a result for a Virtual race by clicking the Virtual race tab and then entering the Registration ID.

Admin Transfer

The price of the transferred in items and custom fee amount is now editable when processing order transferal. In the administrator order transfer workflow, you or your team members can now adjust the new product’s price and custom fee.

Click here for steps.

We have also made it easier to view all transfer in and transfer out items, improving visibility and efficiencies of your admin teams.

Find out more!

Custom Segments

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database module enables you to sort your customers into customized segments (groups) according to personal and event information, their purchase history, their email opening rates, their referral history and many other data points. Easily craft customized emails to send to these custom groups for improved conversions. You can now also export these custom segments (groups) for ease of use outside of the inclusive email tool.

Check out the release notes!

My Events: HEIF-formatted Document Images

Due to the increasing popularity of uploading document files from iOS devices, your participants can now upload HEIF-formatted (including HEIC and AVCI) image files of their waivers or certificates from their My Events page. The acceptable file size has also been increased from 1MB to 3MB.

If you have enabled your participants to upload documents after registration, click here for steps.

Race Pass

Information can be retrieved for a purchase of a specific Race Pass for integration with your systems using the new GetRacePassPurchased API.

Click here for a list of all purchases of a specified Race Pass ID.

The Race Pass enhancements build on previous race pass features, so that you can better view details of race pass purchasers and individual owners of each race pass. We have also enhanced new home page and owners list page layouts and race pass owner search.

Find out more about the Elite-tier feature now!

“2021 has been a challenging and defining year for all. I am so amazed by all the efforts of our customers who work tirelessly to engage the community, putting on much needed events to support both mental and physical health. I am so proud of the dedicated team of Account Managers, Support and Product teams who help make all of this happen and who are personally invested in the industry and strive to make things better for all. Thank you for your passion, dedication, and resilience!  Here is to the continued upward trajectory in 2022."

Hank Jandrell - Director - Client Services & Sales

To learn more about these enhancements and releases, reach out to your Account Manager.

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Leslie Stonestreet
Senior Product Marketing Specialist
January 24, 2022
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