ACTIVEWorks Endurance Now Includes Grassrootz Integration for Australian Customers

Making fundraising easier than ever for event organizers.
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Fundraising is a big deal when it comes to endurance events. That’s why ACTIVE is excited to debut its integration with Grassrootz in its ACTIVEWorks Endurance event management solution.

Grassrootz is a modern fundraising solution based in Australia that provides an online experience for fundraisers, donors, and organizations. The fundraising platform will be added to AWE’s Giving section as an additional integration for fundraising opportunities.

Sound good? That's not all! Event directors can effortlessly integrate Grassrootz and import their preferred charities, then the ACTIVE AUI automatically syncs Grassrootz fundraising events to streamline the registration process. After that, charities are instantly accessible to users during registration, enhancing the user experience.

On the consumer side, captains can easily create a team and fundraising page in one seamless process. Team captains select a charity during registration, and upon checkout, they receive an email confirming their Grassrootz fundraising page creation. Then, team members have the flexibility to fundraise individually or align with the team captain's chosen charity.

But wait, there’s more! Team captains and members can easily track their fundraising progress in the My Events section. This feature provides a clear view of fundraising goals and the total amount raised for the chosen charity. Team captains and members also receive an email with a direct link to their newly created fundraising page on Grassrootz. This ensures instant and convenient access to their fundraising platform, making communication and participation hassle-free.

If you’re an Aussie event organizer looking to incorporate fundraising into your registration flow, check out ACTIVEWorks Endurance! Current customers can contact their account manager, and prospects can click this link to get started with ACTIVE today.

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December 7, 2023
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