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Enrich your community by offering STEM/STEAM programs full of amazing benefits.
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For many students, science-based activities and lessons can be hard to grasp. Children can be turned off from the subject at an early age as a direct result of being discouraged by their inability to comprehend concepts. But that doesn’t have to be a problem if students take part in STEAM or STEM programs that give them hands-on, kinesthetic learning that sparks their imagination and creativity along with igniting critical thinking.

Help students in your community—and ease the minds of parents nervous about helping their kids with chemistry homework—by offering STEM or STEAM programs at your organization for kids of all ages. The benefits are numerous and worth the time and effort to implement.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math while STEAM adds in art to include creative thinking and applied arts in real situations. Regardless of which you chose to implement into your organization’s programs, both are advantageous for parents and the students within your community. Through utilizing STEAM or STEM, children are able to develop a wide range of diverse skills that they can apply to the real world. Thinking critically and evaluating information can take students above and beyond in most career fields of their choice when they are older and assist them in finding a field that better suits their skills.

Encourages Independent Thinking

After the lesson has been explained by a teacher or instructor, students are able to work through a project independently or within small groups. Students will then determine on their own or within their group of peers the best course of action. Throughout the project, learners are encouraged to go at their own pace and skill level—no need to rush through, and each student is able to have as much time as they need to grasp the concepts before moving on to more complex ideas. This type of learning environment fosters a space where students are encouraged to think independently, explore and express their train of thought openly.

Builds Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Through STEAM or STEM, students utilize critical thinking and process-based learning to solve problems while inspiring them to be creative in the solutions that are brought to the table. The unique balance of creativity and problem-solving aids in each student’s ability to overcome each challenge presented in every project.

According to the University of San Diego, in STEAM, “Literacy in the arts and language arts (communication) facilitates using creativity and imagination to enhance the development of STEM’s essential skills, as well as flexibility, adaptability, productivity, responsibility and innovation. Literacy, in this context, also refers to increasing students’ understanding of each of the disciplines that comprise STEAM.”

During projects, students are given the opportunity to discover and create ingenious ways of problem solving, integrating principles or presenting information.

Encourages Collaboration

STEM/STEAM projects offer students the ability to work with their peers to creatively solve the problem at hand. Students are openly encouraged to give constructive feedback while also working together to solve challenges within the project. Students can gain real-world experience through collaboration on concepts they are likely to encounter when they start their career. During each project, students are encouraged to discover their individual leadership style and how to work collectively to solve each problem they are faced with. They also build upon the skillset of adapting to each situation and appling it to each task.

Inspires Confidence

Through the hands-on training gained during each project, students can become more confident in their abilities within science and the real world. Students learn to confront and address each challenge with self-assurance and advocacy from their instructor and their peers.

As each student learns at their own pace, STEM/STEAM programs give students the ability to do so without consequence—giving them the confidence they need to overcome any challenge that comes their way.

STEM/STEAM also welcomes and encourages failure. However, failing presents students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes in a safe place that will help foster new and creative solutions on their own, thus inspiring confidence and curiosity.

Add STEAM/STEM programs to your organization through ACTIVE partnerships. We partnered with some of the best in the business to provide exciting STEAM/STEM-based projects to help keep kids engaged and learning while sparking a passion for science.

  • I’m The Chef Too: I’m The Chef Too breaks down the steps of cooking for kids and incorporates science-based lessons along the way. Kids enjoy the fruits of their labor while also learning about STEAM-based concepts.
  • Brain Chase: Adventure awaits with Brain Chase! With both online and offline activities, kids will have a blast with gamified learning. Customized for your needs and white labeled with your branding, this program contains personalized electives in the form of treasure hunts and escape rooms.
  • MEL Science: MEL Science was created to encourage a fascination with chemistry and dive deeper into how science works. Any child can be a scientist, and MEL Science wants to support and inspire excitement for kids and their families.

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November 4, 2020
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