Introducing Cross-Season Reporting In Camp & Class Manager

See how cross-season reporting can improve your organization with great insights.
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Whether large or small, organizations providing programs need easy access to information regarding their customers. By analyzing current and historical registrant data organizations are able to better understand their target audiences and track loyalty trends. As your partner, ACTIVE understands the importance of providing detailed reporting options to support our customers in these efforts. To further expand Camp & Class Manager’s custom reporting capabilities, we are excited to announce our latest release: Cross-Season Reporting.

Cross Season Reporting now provides organizers with real-time views into the data across multiple programs all in one view. Within your existing season-level reports, you will now be able to pull registration specific information from multiple seasons into a single report. Utilize additional filters the following filters to narrow results further, including:

  • Date of Birth
  • Season
  • Gender
  • Registration Date
  • And more!

Increase targeted marketing efforts, gain greater visibility into current customer trends, and optimize operational efforts today. Watch the video below to learn more about Cross-Season Reporting in Camp & Class Manager.

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October 14, 2020
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