How Business Intelligence Tools are Redefining GovTech

Discover the benefits of business intelligence (BI) tools for local governments.
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GovTech is a rapidly evolving field focused on applying emerging technologies to the delivery of public services. Local governments are deploying cutting-edge tech (like advanced data processing and artificial intelligence) to provide more impactful, cost-efficient services for individual communities, ranging from garbage collection to construction of parks, gardens and streets!

Today’s municipalities leverage powerful business intelligence tools to better understand and provide for their community’s unique needs. These solutions take full advantage of your department's mass data collection, analyzing and condensing that data into reliable information for enhanced decision-making. 

Learn about the benefits of business intelligence (BI) tools for local governments—and how these solutions are transforming the field of GovTech. 

How Does BI Support Local Government Departments?

BI works in conjunction with an organization’s existing IT systems to contrast their current capabilities with emerging demands. By extension, BI tools allow businesses to proactively adapt operations and allocate resources using dependable information. Local municipalities and their departments can also utilize these solutions to manage operating performance and run more efficiently. 

A few key advantages of business intelligence tools include the following: 

Financial Planning

Government departments can deploy business intelligence reporting tools to better understand their existing capital expenditures and develop more strategic financial plans. BI tools make it easy to visualize department spending with simple, easy-to-share reports and analytics, which makes presenting budgeting information to city boards and councils effortless. 

Facility Staffing

Business intelligence tools give departments detailed insight into the current and anticipated usage of various facilities, from schools and libraries to community centers. This dependable data empowers department teams to accommodate demand in advance by adjusting staffing levels. 


Business intelligence reporting tools give departments detailed information on past and current fundraising activities, including the performance of digital marketing and promotional campaigns. This data enables government teams to develop more strategic, intentional fundraising initiatives that generate more revenue and community impact. 

Program & Activity Management

BI tools can be deployed to gather reports and data on how citizens interact with community programs, classes and other activities. These solutions integrate with department management software to assess community participation, completion of online and in-person registrations, collective interest in particular activities and more. 

Relationship Building

Local governments can leverage BI tools to gather and compile citizen perspectives and feedback, granting key insights into opportunities for improvement across facilities and services. These solutions enhance decision-making around how different departments offer services efficiently and transparently, strengthening the relationship between local government and citizens

All these applications of BI help local governments deliver more productive, cost-efficient and tailored services for the communities they serve. Business intelligence reporting tools are transforming the capabilities of GovTech—and making it easier than ever for department heads to manage their team, support their staff and elevate their community. 

Business Intelligence Tools for Reporting & Analytics

Accurate reporting can help your team make more data-driven decisions and unlock new visibility into its department, from community engagement to facility rental trends and beyond. That’s why local governments across the country trust ACTIVE for all their reporting and analytics needs. 

For example, our Recreation Management Software is a perfect tool for local DPRs (Departments of Parks & Recreation). This fully integrated solution includes leading-edge reporting and analytics tools to help your department perform and serve at its best. ACTIVE’s business intelligence tools let your team access data insights in the form of interactive, intuitive reports. These reports can also be customized based on your unique departmental needs. 

ACTIVE’s custom reporting capabilities are an asset for any local government interested in actionable data insights. Our business intelligence tools allow for custom integrations and reporting capabilities—ensuring full alignment with your existing IT infrastructure and departmental goals. Leverage our software to:

Understand Your Audience

Use custom reports to assess community participation across different facilities, programs, events and activities! 

Enhance Communication

Gain insights into the impact of your department’s marketing and communication—and use that data to build stronger, more impactful messaging. 

Provide Superior Service

View simple, easy-to-follow reports on community data to understand their pain points, increase facility utilization and improve your bottom line. 

Protect Community Data

As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, ACTIVE leads the way in data availability and security. Our business intelligence reporting tools use cutting-edge data centers and application infrastructure to keep your community’s data safe, secure and completely in your control. 

Embrace the Future of GovTech with ACTIVE Network

Ready to learn more about the evolution of GovTech and how your department can harness these innovations to strengthen and empower your community? Then be sure to connect with ACTIVE Network today. Our team of technology experts is here to answer any questions you have about business intelligence reporting tools—and whether they’re the right investment for your team.

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March 22, 2021
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