How Networking Benefits Your Organization

Networking is critical to the success of your organization.
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The benefits of actively networking for your organization are numerous and critical to maintaining and growing your business. Rather than focusing on selling your business, networking helps build long-term relationships that both parties can benefit from. While it might be difficult to physically network in traditional ways, such as lunch and learns, luncheons and cocktail hours, you still have the opportunity to virtually connect. Engage people within your industry via social media platforms, regularly schedule virtual meetings with leaders in your industry and touch base with them time to time via email. Once the ball is rolling, the benefits of networking for your organization will become evident and lucrative.

Build and Maintain Relationships

It’s more important now more than ever to build and maintain connections as the world continues to navigate through the pandemic and adapt to whatever the new normal may be. It is through these relationships that you can build and strengthen a network of connections that inspire, encourage and even help you through the good times and the bad. And by making connections in your network, you also have the potential to grow through their connections, thus increasingly the likelihood of new introductions. 

Remember to be proactive instead of reactive, and don’t overload your current and new connections with messages and meeting requests. Be genuine and authentic, and make real, long-lasting connections that matter; don’t just connect and disappear. Like any relationship, it takes time to foster a connection and trust, which means putting in the time and effort. 

Find New Opportunities

Through networking you’re able to discover new and exciting possibilities for your organization that could help increase revenue, relevancy and reliability. Gain a new perspective about how your organization can handle certain pain points better or new insights on what your community needs. You can create a new and fruitful partnership, receive a beneficial referral or even unearth fresh ideas that your organization can utilize and offer to your community. 

Discover Leads

Networking opens up the ability to receive referrals and new leads. And the best part is that these leads and referrals are already pre-qualified and come from reputable sources, which in turn can become permanent clients and customers. 

Stay On-Trend

Keep on top of the latest trends in your industry through the connections you establish for your organization through networking. Learn what your connections are doing to set themselves apart from their competitors, and see how you can do the same for your organization. Keep an eye on what other businesses are doing in your network that may be new and innovative; learn how their organization is benefitting from it, and apply it to your own.

Increase Visibility

Get your organization’s name out there by increasing your visibility within your industry. Set your organization apart by being a thought leader in your industry both online and in-person. Share your insights via your personal social channels, as well as on your organization’s social platforms. Build your organization’s reputation and gain trust from your peers and other businesses within your industry by demonstrating your worth and knowledge. Show them that you are dependable and trustworthy, but remember to listen to your peers, follow up regularly and leave positive, relevant and encouraging comments on their social posts as well. 

ACTIVE Network Connects You to Your Community

Through ACTIVENet and Camp & Class Manager, organizations are able to streamline operations, engage community members and manage participation. ACTIVE’s intuitive, easy-to-use products provide organizations like yours with the ability to build close-knit, strong communities though comprehensive marketing and communications tools, as well as easy online registration, for all your organization’s programs, camps and classes. Connect with us today to see how ACTIVE can help set your organization and your community up for success!

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
March 18, 2021
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