How One Community Is Giving Members Better Access to Activities

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On the heels of the 2014 Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Educational Forum, one local community, Saugeen Shores, is proving that member satisfaction and greater participation are linking back to ACTIVE Net’s online accessibility.Last week at PRO, representatives from the Saugeen Shores discussed their transition from ACTIVE’s Class software system to ACTIVE Net. As hundreds of our community partners prepare to undergo the same software transition, check out Saugeen Shores’ story:

  • Prepare for the Transition: Saugeen Shores made the commitment to dedicate time to plan their configuration and train key stakeholders. While it took some time, the result was a personalized system that everyone in the department contributed to and understood. At launch, the community feedback was positive and immediate.
  • Eliminate the Lines: With a new system in place, Saugeen Shores Community Services Department was able to see results immediately. The “Leisure Fairs” hosted by the department during open registration would typically cause a massive influx of people calling in or waiting hours in line. With ACTIVE Net, community members are now able to register from home, making “Leisure Fairs” feel more in tune with its name. Saugeen Shores’ first Fall programming saw an increase of 30% in enrollments on its first day.
  • Connect with the Community:  Community members now have easy and constant access to their profiles and are able to make changes whenever and wherever. Having up-to-date information on its members allows the Department staff to pull accurate lists together at a moment’s notice and to communicate not only general updates, but also if there are last minute changes to classes and activities.

By switching from Class to ACTIVE Net, the Town of Saugeen Shores was able to increase overall member satisfaction and use a system designed specifically for their needs. If you missed PRO last week, visit us online at ACTIVE Net to learn how we can help your community.

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January 24, 2020
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