How to Increase Volunteer Sign Up at Your Next Event

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It can be easy as a race organizer to spendall your time focusing on attracting participants to your event. After all, participantsare the ones you put your events on for, and they are your key revenue source.But having enough registrants is just half the equation. Your event is a teameffort and can’t be organized by you alone. Finding volunteers to help yourevent run smoothly is its own obstacle.

Identifying those volunteers can be almost asdifficult as drawing in participants. After over 20 years in the industry, wehave seen our fair share of organizers that have struggled, but have also seenorganizers who’ve been creative with their attempts to boost their volunteernumbers. To help you as you strive to build a winning team, here are some ideasthat have proven to be successful:


If your race is well established, you mightwant to analyze your price point and see if it would be possible to offer volunteersa discount. A free or discounted registration is a great way to boost yourregistration numbers while also assisting thriftier registrants.

Make ItHard to Say No

If you do what you can to eliminate possiblereasons for volunteers to say no, you might be surprised how many won’t. Oftenthat can be as simple as making race day more comfortable. Give your volunteersa free bag drop. Offer a volunteer tent so they can have a place just for themwhen they need to take a break. Give them free access to a locker so theirbelongings will be secure while they help. Sometimes it’s the little thingsthat make the biggest difference.


Let’s be honest, great swag can keep youcoming back to a race year after year. Giving volunteers access to somethingthat you don’t give to anyone else can be a great way to get people to volunteer.

Createa Loyalty Program

Many events see the same teams of peoplevolunteering year after year. Create an MVP program that recognizes the volunteersyou can count on year after year with a patch or reward that indicates how longthey’ve been helping out.

Feed Them

We’re all suckers for a free meal. Want toincrease the number of volunteers you get each year? Feed the people who’vesaid yes. Give them breakfast. Give them lunch. Often you can get these mealsdonated or greatly discounted by a sponsor, so the impact on your costs isminimal.

Let ThemVolunteer for Specific Jobs

Instead of putting all your volunteers into abig pool, allow them to sign up for a specific task so they’ll know exactlywhat they’ll be doing. This helps create a sense of urgency for people to signup to get the job they want before it is filled. Another personal touch toboost interest is to create job descriptions ahead of time that detail aboutthe task at hand and the talents and skills needed to complete it.

LeverageOrganizations Looking for Philanthropic Opportunities

Fraternities, sororities, large clubs andorganizations. All of these groups are often looking for opportunities toserve. By partnering with one you can increase your volunteer count quickly.


Maybe you’ve run the numbers and can’t allowvolunteers to register for your event at a discount. But you can allow them toregister first. Often this can be enough of an incentive, especially at raceswith limited participation numbers.

Consider What Your Organization Is Capable Of

All of these tips are merely ideas unless you implement them, and implementation comes down to infrastructure. What will your registration software allow you to do? What tools does it provide you with? How can you use it to help? The right solution enables you to pull off many of these ideas, but it also inspires you to come up with your own. The wrong solution, though, limits you. It keeps you from pulling off events that people want to participate in and are inspired to volunteer for. So before you try one of these strategies to bring in more volunteers, first determine if you’re operating as efficiently as possible. The number of volunteers you have won’t matter if the proper tools to organize and manage your event aren’t there. Look at the infrastructure you have in place; is it setting you and your event up for success?

March 9, 2022
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