How to Offer Virtual Goody Bags for Campers

Virtual goody bags help your virtual program stand out to participants and sponsors.
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While many summer camps have canceled this summer, this doesn’t mean lights out for the camp industry. Instead, we are seeing growing enthusiasm for the rise of the virtual camp—providing everything from baking cupcakes to Minecraft camps.

However, campers still want those promising goody bags they receive at the beginning of their camp session. Not to worry, enter the virtual goody bag.  

A virtual goody bag (aka “event bag”) is a unique and effective way to provide special offers and personalized information to your participants. Its contents are like what is found in a traditional event bag, but the efficient digital presentation eliminates the need for manual bag stuffing and distribution, removing waste.

Your virtual goody gag is a custom-branded, dedicated landing page that acts as the central hub for your sponsor, exhibitor, charity partner and local business messaging. Campers can access digital offers on individual “tiles” at their convenience before, during and after the event.

The key to offering virtual bags is to have three groups on board: the campers, the parents and the sponsors.

Virtual Goody Bags Need:  

Items With Camper/Parent Approval

Campers like anything they haven’t seen before. Something that goes beyond the typical video game or iPhone app like a discounted ticket to a magic show, a local farm or petting zoo.

Research tells us that 50 percent of parents are millennials. Millennial parents want experiences over tangible items. This need for holistic experiences weighs heavily with parents, and by extension, their children.

Millennials are seeking to do good, either through donating to a cause, buying environmentally friendly items, or consuming nutritious meals.

Examples of Virtual Goody Bag Items:

Opportunity to Scan a QR Code:

Scanning a QR Code gives the consumer an ability to donate to a cause. A QR Code triggers cash or in-kind donation. Families would have the choice of charities, so at least two or three choices. After scanning the QR Code, the camp will donate cash or product to a nonprofit.

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Items

Coupons or vouchers for items manufactured from sustainable, recyclable materials like:

  • Metal straws
  • Double-lined water bottles
  • Luggage tags
  • Lanyards
Nutritious Foods or Healthy Lifestyle Items

Think custom trail mixes—vouchers or coupons for retailers like:

Subscription Services

Consider offering a discount or one-month free of a subscription service. Some popular subscription services:

  • Urthbox - A monthly collection of healthy snacks, beverages and more.
  • Barkbox - A monthly customized box of themed toys and treats for your pup.
  • The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids - A well-researched list of subscription boxes specifically for children.

Promoting to Sponsors

Inform potential sponsors that the virtual event bag is a new area gaining prominence. Sponsors will be excited about receiving extra digital real estate. 

Whether you’re negotiating for in-kind sponsorship, cash donations or camp scholarships, sponsors can be a staple of your camp revenue. Potential sponsors must know that a virtual camp goody bag:

  • Connects sponsors and attendees before, during and after the camp. Unlike in-person events where the sponsorship banner is removed once the camp ends, digital real estate lives on. Sponsors can be promoted months in advance and re-share content from the event long after it concludes.
  • Places sponsors on a landing page; an endlessly customizable website. Placement optimizes the sponsor, linking it to their website and bio. Let sponsors know they are not only getting out offers and their message but also for a longer time.
  • Gives each sponsor a recap of their benefits and the overall performance of the event, including attendance, social media performance, click-throughs and related content downloads.

By offering virtual goody bags to participants, you can help your virtual programs stand out and attract more sponsors. ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager has all the tools to help you set up these offerings.

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June 9, 2020
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