Top 10 Easiest Ways to Increase Online Registrations

Generate online registrations easily with these 10 simple tips!
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Online registration is absolutely essential for any organization, especially right now. Whether it’s for memberships, events, classes or programs, the ability for your potential and current customers to sign up from the comfort of their own home or while they are on the go can exponentially increase the likelihood of them actually registering. Members of the community get an easier way to register for programs while organizations save time and money in the sign-up process. Because of this, it’s crucial for your organization to direct people to register online for whatever you offer.

Here are 10 quick and easy ways you can increase online registrations.

Send Emails About Registration
Create dynamic, enticing and engaging emails that will appeal to your community. Keep it short and sweet yet informative about what the registration is for. The copy should be inviting, upbeat and encouraging. This applies to the subject line as well. Plus, make sure to include a call-to-action button with a link to the registration page. 

Add a Link to Your Email Signature
Your staff members most likely often interact with the community through email. Add a link to your registration page in your signature with a call to action, such as “Register for our afterschool childcare here!” or “Early bird registration for our event has begun! Register now and get a 15% discount.”

Utilize Your Voicemail Message
People call your office a lot, and it’s likely you’ll miss a few calls. Freshen up your voicemail message frequently and add your online registration page as a verbal call to action in your voicemail recording. For example, “You have reached [insert name here]. I am unavailable right now, so please leave a message. In the meantime, please go to [insert website here] and register for our virtual yoga classes.”

Mention Registration to Your Members as They Check in
You get a good amount of foot traffic through your offices and facilities. As your staff checks in members, or as they interact with members of your community throughout your facilities, encourage them to mention online registration for your upcoming events, programs and classes. 

Utilize Paid Social Advertising
If you have a budget for marketing, utilizing paid social advertising is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. It is relatively cost-effective and can be highly targeted to members of your community based on city, zip code, age-range and more. 

Facebook and Google Search ads are likely where you will have the most return on your investment. For Facebook, make sure to have a dynamic, eye-catching image that relates to what you are trying to get your community to register for. For both Facebook and Google Search, keep the copy short yet enticing. 

Post Organically to Your Organization’s Social Media Channels
Post to your organization’s Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter about events you want to spark interest in. Although the reach is much less than if you create paid social ads, you can still get the word out to your community members who follow your pages. And if they share your post with their friends and followers, the net is cast even wider. Once again, keep the copy short and enticing, and include an eye-catching image that relates to what you want your community to register for.

If this is an event, make sure to create an event on Facebook and share that to your newsfeed as well.

Add Registration Links to Your Social Profiles
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all give individuals and organization business pages/accounts the ability to include links in the about me/bio section. This is a great place to share registration links. When sharing links on Instagram, you are unable to add a link to a post, so your best course of action is to utilize Linktree, which will let you add multiple links to your organization’s Instagram profile.

Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Registration Pages
Social Sharing turns your registrants into marketers. By adding sharing buttons, people will be able to post on their social platforms about signing up for your program, which in turn will get your events, programs and classes in front of an even bigger audience. The best part is that people take the recommendations of friends and family very seriously, which means they’re more likely to sign up.

Utilize Flyers and Posters
Put up signs around your facilities or have flyers at the front desk about online registration for your offerings. Make sure they’re attention-grabbing, with color, bold letters, appealing designs and catchy copy. Add the web address for online registration to each of the marketing materials, as well as a QR code for the more tech savvy members of your organization to easily visit the page.

Rank in Google
This tactic may be free, but it’s one that takes the investment of time and patience. People in your community are searching for activities you offer. Utilize search engine optimization for your website, and rank in Google when members of your community search for your organization or keywords/key phrases relating to you and your offerings. 

ACTIVENet, ACTIVEWorks Endurance and ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager are all-in-one solutions for your organization. Each include dynamic email templates, the ability to add social sharing buttons to your registration pages and so much more! See the ACTIVE difference today.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
January 24, 2020
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