New "Full Image" Display Option for Merchandise

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We are excited to announce our new "full image" display option for merchandise/additional purchases! We have enhanced the current thumbnail and expanded image functionality, so you can now simply display a full image of your product that spans the width of the registration form. This larger view of products instantly sells your merchandise, especially useful for bundles or items that require more explanation via imagery.  

This is a great way to showcase travel packages, special services, experiences, or to give your buyers a closer look at products you have to offer.


Why Use the Full Image Display Option?

The full image display option gives you the ability to highlight and call attention to products and services that may have many different components or require extra explanation. For example, if you're selling an experience package, it's helpful to show all the different components of the package (hotel, meals, excursions, etc.) in one image, or you can create a merchandise bundle of four apparel products that you know are the most popular for a promotion. This way, buyers can quickly see everything that's included and make quick buying decisions before they scroll by.

Organizers around the world have quickly adjusted their registration to highlight VIP Upgrade options or fast-track shipping, or to sell partner tickets for theme parks in host locations. They are seeing a major conversion increase and subsequently a major increase in revenue. When buyers feel informed and confident about their purchase, they're more likely to follow through with the sale.

How to Use the Full Image Display Option

Using the full image display option is easy!

  1. Load your new image into Merchandise or Global Merchandise.
  2. Go to your event(s) > Set Up > Additional Purchases > Edit > Select specific Merch Item > Advanced Settings > Change from Thumbnail to Full Image.
  3. Preview your registration form. This scales as you would expect on all devices.

 If you have any questions about how to use this new feature, contact our support team, who is always happy to help.

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January 9, 2023
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