Perfect Playlists for Virtual Race Day

A selection of curated playlists to get your adrenaline pumping on virtual race day.
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With in-person races cancelled indefinitely, virtual events are becoming the norm for the time being. And while a virtual race won’t ever be able to replace the real thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the experience as best as you can.

One of the best parts of a big-time race is the music. A good playlist can get your adrenaline pumping or push you through the last few tough miles, but with a virtual race, finding perfect pump-up songs falls on each individual participant. If you’re not musically inclined or don’t have the time or motivation to spend hours on Spotify choosing each and every song to get you through the miles, these playlists should help. 

If you’re a race director, consider offering your participants one of these playlists—or one you make yourself—to listen to as they pound the pavement. Runners will appreciate any little sense of community they can get during this time of social isolation. 

As for these playlists, we asked endurance athletes in the community what their go-to songs are for running, and these playlists curate the best of the best. Not satisfied with the selections? Creating your own playlist is super easy. What matters most is you’re having fun and making the most of the virtual experience until in-person events start happening once again.

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April 28, 2020
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