Revolutionize Your Race Management with Team Captain Functionality

Elevate your race with our new team captain functionality, designed to empower team captains and streamline operations for organizers.
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Attention all endurance race organizers! Are you looking to streamline event management, empower team captains, and provide a seamless registration process for participants and staff alike? ACTIVEWorks Endurance’s new team captain functionality makes is a game-changer for events with corporate team participation.

Running an event often means coordinating a plethora of teams and catering to their unique needs. That's where the Team Center comes into play, offering Team Captains a comprehensive dashboard to:

  • Invite members with payment flexibility: Whether they prefer pre-paying or paying later, captains have control.
  • Monitor member status and activity: Stay updated on every member's payment status and registration details.
  • Efficiently manage finances: Oversee deferred payments, balances, and settle dues with ease.
  • Communicate effortlessly: Send out those important updates or re-invite members, all within the platform.
  • Keep track meticulously: With a detailed list view, every captain has their finger on the pulse of their team's activities.

Benefits for Team Members

Joining a team has never been more straightforward. Team members can start their race experience without the upfront fees, thanks to the deferred payment option, where the captain covers the initial costs. It's stress-free and convenient!

Empowering Event Directors

The behind-the-scenes magic is in the power we give you, the event directors. The team captain functionality allows you to:

  • Customize team creation: Design multiple team types, each with specific settings matching your event's structure.
  • Budget control: Set up team creation fees and ensure reminders are automatically dispatched for payment deadlines.
  • Versatile team settings: Define when teams can be created and joined, plus control over price settings, including the captain's ability to "pay later."

Team Captains Take the Lead

Team captains now have the agency to:

  • Start teams on their terms: Select from available team types and manage the team behind secured access if needed.
  • Cohesively manage teams: Password-protect teams, supervise member counts, and hold the reins of the team's financial commitments.

Comprehensive Reporting for Organizers

Stay informed with in-depth reports detailing each team's balance, payment statuses, and overall financials, enabling better decision-making and financial forecasting.

AWE's new team captain functionality is more than an enhancement; it's a commitment to simplifying race management for organizers and providing autonomy to team captains. We understand the complexities of managing endurance events, and our solutions are designed to tackle these head-on.

Whether you're coordinating large-scale marathons, local community races, or anything in between, this functionality will adjust to the unique demands of any event, providing a user-friendly, transparent, and efficient system.

Empower your team captains, delight your participants, and witness the seamless operation of your event. It's time to take your race organization to the next level!

Ready to experience the revolution in race event management? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see the features in action.

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March 28, 2024
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