The Power of Paint With ColorHype

ColorHype LLC quickly adapted to COVID-19 and helped people keep painting.
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“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind” – Bob Ross.  

2020 has been a year of unpredictability and change. But change can be beneficial. ColorHype LLC founder Chelsey Rogers is helping DFW natives and others across the U.S. embrace the changes 2020 has brought through the power of paint. With an offering of both virtual and physical classes, Rogers is transforming the way people create art.

Blank Canvas

Rogers has always had a passion for creativity and art. So when she found herself teaching painting classes but feeling little fulfillment, she knew something had to change. Enter Paint Your Pet. With Paint Your Pet classes, Rogers offered painters four variations of their own pet they could choose to paint. Customers loved the outcomes and the demand grew for this new class. As excitement for her classes grew, Rogers knew she needed to create diverse offerings that represented the name ColorHype.  

Soon after Paint Your Pet was introduced, Rogers rolled out new classes that included Acrylic Pouring, Inks and Skylines, Inks and Succulents, and Gold Leaf. The best part of all? Anybody, any age could participate in the new ColorHype classes and explore their inner Picasso. Just as Rogers was finding her stride, COVID-19 hit and forced painters to lay down their brushes.

A New Medium

The effects of COVID-19 were being felt everywhere and by everyone. Like many business owners, Rogers was left wondering "What now?"

As a teacher, Rogers thrives on the opportunity to connect with others who share a passion and interest in art. Doors closing meant Rogers now had to pivot her plans again.

She says, “I knew when the pandemic happened, I would need to shift quickly to keep up my momentum. I was worried if I didn’t strike fast, that I’d lose my window to keep up my sales.”  

The answer to “What now?” - Virtual classes.  

With the help of ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager, Rogers was able to transition from the physical to virtual world within two weeks. ColorHype was able to easily and quickly send out emails updating customers on class offerings and where to register. Rogers also utilized social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, to help promote ColorHype and new virtual classes. In addition to social media, Rogers suggests never underestimating the power of word-of-mouth advertising.  

Once her virtual art program was launched, Rogers diligently worked to assemble customer painting kits. Customers received their kits through both delivery and porch pickup. To date, ColorHype has sold more than 1600 kits – with about a third of those kits finding homes outside of DFW.  

Painting a New Path  

While 2020 delivered unexpected changes, ColorHype has found a way to continue painting and creating. Rogers has been able to expand her business to new heights. ColorHype is now a proud partner of Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas (a dream for Rogers) where both virtual and physical classes are offered. Additionally, ColorHype has also partnered with local wineries and breweries, allowing customers to pick up packaged drinks and painting kits.  

The expansion doesn’t stop there. Recently Rogers was interviewed by Good Morning Texas, CBS 11, and WFAA Daybreak. Which leads to the question, “What’s next?” Rogers says she “plans on creating and shipping out kits nationwide for a very long time,” while continuing to work with local businesses to ensure support is felt all around.

As for advice to others looking into virtual programs, Rogers says, “Just start. The secret is not to question it. If people loved your classes and product before the pandemic, they more than likely still love it.”

Check out all the cool things ColorHype is doing on its website and Facebook page.

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August 13, 2020
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