Virtual Camps and Programs to Celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month

July is National Anti-Boredom Month and these virtual programs provide endless fun.
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With many pools, camps and playgrounds still closed, the lazy days of summer are taking on a new meaning for families. But thanks to technology, there are some great virtual programs that can help counteract boredom. Whether your kids are into Broadway or basketball, there’s a virtual option to keep them engaged! 

Jungle Book Mini Musical Camp

This musical camp is geared for the preschool set (age three to six) and is led by professionally trained actors. Campers are divided into small groups based on age and will learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography, all with a focus on the Rudyard Kipling classic “The Jungle Book.” Whether your little one loves to sing about the bare necessities like Balloo or wants to dance like Mowgli, this is a great option for budding performers.

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Basics of Drawing 

If you have an elementary to middle-school aged child who is interested in drawing, this intro camp is a great option. Students will learn first how to “see” things as an artist and then realistically draw what they observe.  The course will focus on drawing with oil pastels and graphite pencils. Students can purchase a material kit for an additional fee or attend with their own supplies.

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Minecraft Adventures Camp

Minecraft is one of the most popular games around, so we bet this camp won’t get any resistance from your 8-11 year old. The small group course is a combination of instructor-led and self-directed learning and will help campers to learn new skills and take their online Minecraft world to the next level. Requirements for this course include: camper’s own Minecraft account login & password (extra fee required).

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Comic Book Creation

Get your 6-8 year-old’s creativity up and running with this comic book creation camp. Kids will use manipulates like Legos or stuffed animals to spark imagination and then story visualizer software to learn editing and storytelling skills. The course is a combination of instructor-led and self-directed learning and access to both a computer and an iPad would be ideal.

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Soccer Ball Mastery & Soccer Fitness 

Soccer fields may be closed, but 7-12 year olds can still hone their technical skills and fitness this summer. The 40-minute classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout July and campers can join in at anytime. Requirements include a soccer ball, comfortable athletic shoes or cleats, water bottle, five cones (can use five water bottles, or shoes, or any safe item that your player can dribble around), a 15’ x 15’ unobstructed space (in a house or in a yard), and a device (iPad, smartphone, or laptop) to link into Zoom. There is also a similar soccer camp option for younger children, ages 4-6.

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Intro to Vet Sciences Camp

Do you have an older child who loves animals? If your 9-14year old has expressed interest in becoming a veterinarian, this is the perfect introduction to veterinary medicine. This camp combines interactive demonstrations with crafts and games, to learn about taking care of animals.Campers will learn the importance of proper care, disease prevention and nutrition for cats and dogs. And they will practice what to do if a pet gets hurt and the necessary safety rules to keep in mind when working with animals. To make things official, all campers will receive their own stethoscope!

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July 16, 2020
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