Virtual Event Tracking Made Easy With the ACTIVE Experience App

The ACTIVE Experience App now tracks distance, time and pace for virtual racers.
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With the continually rising popularity of virtual races given on-going social distancing guidelines, a lot of racers struggle with how to accurately track and submit their results. This is no longer an issue with the ACTIVE Experience App's virtual event tracking!

Participants can simply open the app, select their event and hit the start event button when they are ready, and the app will instantly begin monitoring distance, timing and pace. This completely takes the guessing game out of virtual racing so racers can focus solely on performing their best at the location and time of their choosing. Once the app detects that the distance has been completed, racers will be prompted to submit their results to the event organizer with one click of a button.

Virtual racing has never been easier!

Looking to use social media to engage your race participants before your event?

Save time by using technology that's already available! Check out how the Army 10 Miler utilized Instagram Stories to advertise its event in the Experience app.

Learn more about ACTIVE Experience App's Virtual Event Tracking.

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June 26, 2020
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