WEBINAR: The Science of Engaging Virtual Participants with myQuest

myQuest uses the science of engagement behaviors to help leave a lasting impression.
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With the uncertainty surrounding summer programming and whether or not camps and classes can be held in person safely, many organizations are electing to pivot to virtual programs.

If your organization is considering making this switch, you may be understandably worried about how effective your program will be and how many participants you can reach.

The good news is myQuest has cracked the code and is here to help you. By looking at the science behind engagement behaviors, myQuest built a tested and proven program framework that truly impacts your students and leaves a lasting impression.

In this webinar, myQuest co-founder and CEO Rob Matzkin, covers:

  • Active versus passive learning
  • Fundamentals of engagement behaviors
  • The action, feedback, trigger model and more!

Watch the webinar here!

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May 22, 2020
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