What Does Being Active Mean to You?

ACTIVE community shares the importance of being active in their lives.

As part of the Active Lifestyle contest, we asked customers ‘What does being active mean to you?’ Here is a selection of some of the wonderful responses received:

Living every day to the fullest

“Living every day to the fullest by renewing a commitment to exercise daily, eat nutritiously, and to educate all generations on the value of taking responsibility for one’s own health in all areas be it mental, physical, social, etc.”

Kristie Sanders, McMinnville Parks and Recreation

Challenge every individual

“Our community now has the opportunity to be active “up in the air” on our new high ropes course. The course provides a physical challenge, but also gives participants the opportunity to work together in pairs and teams, develop collaboration and problem-solving skills, and challenges every individual to step beyond his/her comfort zone.”

Laura Nickel, Durham Parks and Recreation

Allow your body to practice

“Being active means allowing your body to “practice” breathing, stretching, and lifting. The more practice your body gets, the better it works.”

Robert Cepin, Hanover Township Park & Recreation

Get fit. Be fit. Stay fit.

“Having an active lifestyle creates a sense of self-worth, accomplishment, better health, and brighter future and overall gives me a more positive outlook on life. Being able to share this with the community, friends and family is very important to the Town of Cary. Our goal is to create a healthy community and provide our citizens with opportunities that can boost their quality of life. We strive to get our community to “get, be, stay”! Get Fit… Be Fit… and Stay Fit!”

Leda Isenhour, Town of Cary

Opportunities to participate in a healthy lifestyle

“Opportunities for the whole family to participate in activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.”

Teresa Acheson, City of Whitehorse

What does being Active mean to you?

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January 24, 2020
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