On Greater San Antonio YMCA's Move to the Cloud

YMCA San Antonio sees success with ACTIVENet's cloud-based system.

One of our biggest YMCA customers, Greater San Antonio, is migrating from Class® software to ACTIVE Net™. I know, I know. What's the big deal, right? A customer is switching from one of our software systems to another. Although the move itself may not directly impact you today, it speaks to a much more important trend across the YMCA industry: YMCAs are moving to the cloud.

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Why San Antonio, and YMCAs in general, are moving to the cloud:

  1. Front-office staff increases accessibility: Cloud software (ACTIVE Net™) can be accessed from any computer through a secure internet login, as opposed to desktop software (Class®) that can only be used on the computers where installed. This helps staff because they can work from home, from an iPad on the field or anywhere else.
  2. IT saves time and money: Liesien Benet, Vice President of IT at the YMCA of Greater San Antonio said, "With ACTIVE Net™, our IT staff won’t have to spend the time maintaining database servers, worrying about PCI compliance or purchasing additional hardware."
  3. ACTIVE Net™ (and the cloud) matches a member-centric culture: Greater San Antonio YMCA has 50,000 members and needed a technology solution to better engage with them. With social media tools, email marketing, a 360 view of the member and more, the Y now has a system to match their goals.

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January 24, 2020
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