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Blue Bear Cloud

Online school accounting software customized especially for K-12 schools and districts to help manage and simplify your school’s activity fund accounting. User-friendly tracking and report creation allow your school to get the transparency you need with iron clad audit trails of revenue, expenditures, adjustments and more.

School Accounting

Improve your receipting of money to teachers, advisors and student accounts.  Help parents streamline their order purchases online and get faster automated generation of checks in batch forms.  Get on the right track for your school funds and never worry again about bank reconciliation accountability.

  • Track amounts paid to vendors from purchase order to invoice to printing checks
  • Improve accounting accuracy and avoid financial mishaps
  • Stay ahead with bank reconciliation and deposits
  • Get access to a web-based, client-server, or stand-alone version
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Financial Reporting

Get crystal clear school activity fund reporting and monitoring, and automate the disbursement and management of all funds. Track amounts paid, print receipts quickly, create bank deposit entries, view and share financial reports, and more. Automate faster generation of checks in batch form and easily report creation for advisors, schools and districts.

  • General Ledger Account Maintenance
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Easy report creation for advisors, schools and districts
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Audit Compliance

Get the transparency you need to be able to provide an iron clad audit trail of revenue, expenditures, transfers and adjustments for all of your student activity accounts. Use auditor tools for improved oversight with centrally stored data for easy reporting, auditing and bookkeeping.

  • Specialized auditor tools with transfers and adjustments
  • Secure-level trails for reporting
  • Improved oversight with centrally stored data
  • Increased accountability with bank reconciliation wizard
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"ACTIVE was the best fit for our needs."

"It’s a complete accounting package with an integrated online solution."

Paul Hanson, Director of School Services
Granite School District


Increase in fee collection after switching to ACTIVE.
- Granite School District

Granite School District

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Twin Rivers Unifed School District

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