Adventure Awaits with a Camp in a Box

Delivering a virtual camp couldn't be easier with ACTIVE Network and Brain Chase.


Brain Chase is an award-winning virtual camp platform that gamifies enrichment content using treasure hunts and escape rooms. Founded by two Harvard grads and dubbed "Hollywood Meets Harvard" by the New York Times, Brain Chase has been a leader in the K-12 summer and after-school sector since 2014 and delivers a 94% net promoter score from parents.

They now make it easy for traditional camps to go online by providing turnkey, multi-week escape room programs that can be white labeled for any brand and customized for any content.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Each program theme contains a series of virtual 'puzzle rooms,' each full of clues to the location of a missing artifact. The first participant to guess the treasure's location wins a prize!

Transitioning to a virtual camp is as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose your timing and duration, select your escape room theme, and customize your electives. It really is that easy!

Your camp is unique

That's why this white-labeled solution uses your branding and content to build a program past participants will find familiar, and new participants will love!

Key Features & Benefits

'Plug and play' programs

The options are endless. Choose between 15+ elective options and 10+ escape room options. Beyond that, you can have a week or month-long experience.

These 'plug and play' options include white-labeled gameboards and electives with your camp logo, personal logins for each student, grading logins for camp counselors, schedules, scripts and discussion guides and ongoing tech support.

The Brain Chase dashboard allows students to track daily and weekly progress in a structured, gamified environment, so they're able to celebrate accomplishments both large and small. And when you add elements like personal feedback from Brain Chase teachers, the weekly incentive of unlocking new chapters in the animated story, and the global race to find a real-life missing treasure, Brain Chase becomes irresistible.

Request a demo to find out how ACTIVE Network can help you combine real-life experiments with virtual instruction to create an experience like never before.

Customer FAQs

What is Brain Chase?

Brain Chase is a new partner of ACTIVE Network. With Brain Chase you can easily modify your in-person camps and classes to meet the needs of a virtual program. These “camps in a box” give your participants the ability to learn practically anything from the comfort and safety of their home. Their proven camps have received global attention.

How can Brain Chase help me during COVID-19?

Brain Chase will take your in-person camps and convert them to an exciting, virtual experience. Your participants will receive access to weekly white label gameboards that let them advance through the “camp”. Each day they’ll advance to through various elective challenges leading to a virtual escape room. To unlock the next room, they’ll have to complete all the challenges. Your participants can work individually or in teams with video conferencing software.

Would these camps work for day-camps?

Absolutely! An average day can be packed full of hands-on activity. Including an hour for lunch/free play, your camp day could last 5-6 hours.

How long can each camp series be?

Your camps can last one-week, four-weeks, or six-weeks through Brain Chase.

Can I customize Brain Chase camps?

Yes! You can customize Brain Chase camps to align with your branding, mission, content, and timeline. From Brain Chase’s white-label program with their pre-made content to creating unique experiences based on your content, the options are endless.

Parents are concerned about screen-time. How can I alleviate these concerns?

Screen-time is understandable concern, especially during a period where going outside is limited. Communicating with parents that screen time can vary in value is essential. There’s a difference between 1-hour of scrolling on Instagram or watching cartoons and attending a day of camp through Brain Chase. Brain Chase’s virtual programs provide interactions with other participants and supervisors, the ability to grow various skills, and an opportunity to learn, all while having fun. This type of screen-time can positively benefit a kid who is feeling the impact of self-isolation from loneliness to boredom.

My camp is a sports camp. How can Brain Chase help?

There’s more to sports than physical activity. Brain Chase can take the technical aspects of learning to play a sport and implement them into the “escape room” experience and challenges. From understanding how to set up a play or watch film to dribbling techniques or nutrition, Brain Chase can help grow your players’ athletic intelligence. During the lunch & free time, you can provide exercises the participants can complete on their own. Brain Chase can even help ensure your participants have the equipment they need in their “camp in a box” offering.

What information do I have to give to Brain Chase to get started?

To get started, all you need to provide is your logo, activity content (choose 3 of 15+ electives and from 1 of 7 program themes), and a rough headcount. You’ll set up the Virtual Camp through ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager to collect registrations.

What does Brain Chase have to do with ACTIVEWorks CCM?

ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager & Brain Chase are partnering together to help meet the growing need for virtual camps during COVID-19. You can easily configure registration for any Brain Chase version of your camps in ACTIVEWorks CCM. When you purchase Brain Chase though ACTIVE, your $799 implementation fee will be waived by ACTIVE.

It’s so close to the camp/program season – how long does it take to get set up?

Once Brain Chase has all the information they need from the organization, they can configure and launch the program in a matter of hours.

Who handles customer support?

General support is available through Brain Chase's customer support channels.

Is ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager making any updates to better serve virtual programming?

Yes! ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager is always evolving. During COVID-19, we shifted our efforts to meet the changing needs of our customers. On April 17th a new release will allow for you to embed your virtual program links into the registration process. This includes the online meeting URL, conference phone number, meeting ID, password, and any other meeting instructions.

What electives are available through Brain Chase? More details found here
  • Art (1, 2 or 3)
  • Coding
  • Cooking (1, 2, or 3)
  • Engineering (1, 2, or 3)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fitness
  • Foreign Language (Spanish/German/French/Chinese)
  • Gardening
  • Martial Arts
  • Photography
  • Service
  • Writing (Creative/Poetry/Prose)
  • Yoga
What escape room themes are available through Brain Chase?
  • Escape from Mount Everest
  • Escape from Nefertari's Tomb
  • The diary of Jane Austen
  • Escape from the Smithsonian
  • The Ivory Queen
  • The Quill of Beethoven
  • The Sword of Agamemnon
  • Locked in the Library
  • Escape from the Louvre
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