myQuest™ Takes Online Programs to the Next Level

myQuest helps you overcome the challenges of online learning by keeping your participants engaged with a dynamic learning system proven to increase engagement, knowledge retention, and program completion.


myQuest is an award-winning online learning platform that seeks to create meaningful learning experiences. Through gamification and personalized learning centered on collaboration and engagement, you can create impactful and scalable online experiences for your campers, students, and participants.

With myQuest, modifying your in-person camps and classes to a virtual experience is easy. The action-based learning will keep participants engaged, increase their knowledge retention, and develop their skills. Building your content in myQuest is simple and with myQuest’s coaching and support, it’s fool proof.

Quest Community

Turn your virtual program into a community to encourage participation & engagement.

Experiential Micro-Learning

Deliver content through actionable missions, making it super easy for learners to take on new information.

Habit-Formation Tools

Help participants form new habits to create long-lasting behavioral change.


Use the power of games to incentivize participants and turn your content into a fun journey.

Key Features & Benefits

myQuest offers a dynamic virtual learning experience that increases engagement, completion, and knowledge retention rates.

Features include:

  • Bite size mission-based learning
  • Custom quests
  • PC, tablet, & smart phone compatibility
  • White label solution – fully customize with your branding, colors & logos
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Personal learning logs
  • Personal logins for each participant
  • Access to My Habits, My Community, and 1:1 Coaching
  • Multi-lingual

Customer FAQs

What is myQuest?

myQuest is a new partner of ACTIVE Network. With myQuest, you can easily bring your in-person camps online to a virtual offering. Its action-based learning is designed to help improve engagement and retention. Through bite-sized learning content (called Missions, arranged into Levels & Quests), gamification principles, and community building, participants will enjoy their virtual camp or class experience.

How can myQuest help me during COVID-19?

myQuest can help you continue to offer engaging and compelling programs during stay-at-home orders and shelter-in-place mandates. While maintaining your brand and mission, you can reach participants with exciting content without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Not only will this help your organization drive revenue, but it will increase brand recognition and set you apart from other camps or classes that are cancelling. Post COVID-19, implementing myQuest will diversify your offerings allowing for long term growth through virtual programming.

What is the difference between myQuest & Brain Chase?

While both solutions offer unique, engaging online experiences, myQuest’s platform allows for increased customization. myQuest can also appeal to a larger range of ages, including teen, young adult, and adult. The customization of content allows for organizations to create truly distinct learning experiences.

What types of camps work best with myQuest?

myQuest's customizable nature allows it fit with any type of camp, class, or programming. From summer day camp to an adult cycling class, it’s able to fit the mold of a vast variety of offerings. Particularly created for enforcing new skills, myQuest’s missions, levels, and quests will help participants learn new things while creating lasting memories with their peers.

What does myQuest have to do with ACTIVE?

ACTIVE is excited to partner with myQuest. With both solutions, you can easily manage registrations and offer an exciting virtual experience. When you purchase myQuest through ACTIVE, you’ll receive an exclusive discount.

What is the recommended myQuest cost per registrant?

The recommended cost per registrant varies on the length, content and staffing needs for your programming.

Who handles customer support?

myQuest will handle customer support regarding the myQuest platform. With myQuest you receive a dedicated project manager to help configure each program.

myQuest Support Number: 646.859.2661

ACTIVE will continue to offer support regarding our ACTIVE suite of products.

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