Takeaways from the 2018 Phillips 66 National Championships

2018 Phillips 66 National Championships

ACTIVE Network attended the 2018 Phillips 66 National Championships this year to support some of USA Swimming’s best athletes. The championship meet is the biggest domestic event for USA Swimming every year and ACTIVE Network’s swim team was proud to be a part of the experience. We wanted to give our readers a taste of what the five-day event was like, as well as insights into how USA Swimming uses our mobile app to get its fans fired up. Continue reading

How ACTIVE Connects Our Mission with Yours

Our mission is to make the world a more active place. We believe in participating in our customers’ activities to better understand how we can serve them. We also want to understand the communities that our customers serve. Over the past eight years, ACTIVEx Charity Challenge (AxCC), has been a way for us to walk a mile in our customers’ shoes AND give back directly to the communities they serve.

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Why Being Active Matters at ACTIVE

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This week, ACTIVE is joining more than 150 sports industry executives, athletes, physical education professionals and advocates for the “National Health Through Fitness Day” at Capitol Hill in Washington DC. ACTIVE is proud to support healthy and active lifestyles and for the opportunity to champion the value of activities offered to communities by organizations, including schools, local parks, YMCAs, and camps. Continue reading

Getting Social at the 2014 Running USA Conference

Running_USA_Logo_Industry_Conference_powered_by_ACTIVE_NetworkACTIVE Network was proud to sponsor Running USA 2014, the 11th annual industry conference, which concluded this week in our home town of San Diego. The event is the largest running industry conference and sold out with a record 550 attendees. With a focus on technology, ACTIVE shared best practices for race management and the latest resources on social media for event directors to plan and execute successful events. Continue reading

Your Course, Your Golfers

ACTIVE Network’s golf course management software, with low-price guarantee, enables clients to build successful online strategies for the future.

Ed Mullen, ACTIVE Network GolfEd Mullen
ACTIVE Network, Golf

The golf industry is changing at a very fast pace in terms of how golfers research, find and book your golf facility. If a golf course wants to remain competitive in today’s market, then it is vitally important to create a strategy that drive golfers to your club’s website first—not only to book tee times, but to review all of the activities at your club.

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My ACTIVE World Takeaway? Our Customers Are Superheroes!

To wrap up our amazing week at ACTIVE World, we put our customer superheroes in the spotlight. I was honored to moderate a panel with leaders who power incredible activities.

Dana Zilinski from the Chicago Park District walked us through how they left paper-based registration and an unstable ACCESS database behind in favor of ACTIVE Net™, a fully hosted online solution for park registrations.

It was no small feat for the the largest municipal park manager in the U.S. Seriously, can you imagine using spreadsheets to manage participation at 280 staffed park recreation centers, over 500 baseball fields, 26 indoor and 51 outdoor pools, 71 fitness centers, 22 artificial turf fields, 8 gymnastic centers and 2 conservatories? Thankfully, this is a thing of the past.

Liesien Benet of the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, emphasized the importance of cross-functional relationships to selling in and implementing technology on a broad scale.

Geoff Buchheister of Park City Mountain Resort painted a vision for the ski mountain of the future. Geoff told us how his organization uses technology to get people seamlessly from the parking lot, through the rental process and onto the ski slope.

And, last but not least, Kent McIntosh from TEDxSanDiego shared a keen insight that really made me think. Experience-focused brands like Nordstrom and Starbucks have raised people’s expectations so much that participants demand a new level of service and experience from every organization – including their local YMCA or an entirely volunteer run organization like TEDxSanDiego. This experience brand is a completely new paradigm for most community-based organizations. Kent argued that only with technology that makes an activity organizer’s job easier will the experiences activity organizers create meet the expectations of the market.

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ACTIVE to Power IRONMAN Athletes Globally

We announced this morning that ACTIVE will continue to power IRONMAN athletes around the world from registration to finish line!

By offering race registration solutions through a single, global technology platform for IRONMAN’s nearly 190 events worldwide, athletes can go through a simple, fast registration process so that their focus can remain on their training journey and breaking that PR.

We spoke with Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of World Triathlon Corporation, i.e. IRONMAN, who said that their goal is to provide their world-class athletes with the best participant experience possible.

“We believe ACTIVE is the only technology partner sophisticated enough to do this for us on a global scale,” Messick said. “For 35 years, IRONMAN has taken pride by offering world-class events, and by continuing our relationship with ACTIVE, our athletes will have access to outstanding technology that enables a simple registration process so that the focus remains on their training journey and race day experience.”

Check out more, here!

The Rise of the Experiential Consumer

As Running USA 2013: The Industry Conference wraps up this week, Dave Alberga, ACTIVE’s Executive Chairman, shares with us a few thoughts on how he see’s the endurance industry growing and evolving, and how ACTIVE is evolving with it.

The participant landscape is changing and we are witnessing what I like to call the rise of the experiential consumer.

We live in the “Go Pro” era where everyone wants to be a hero in their own movie—more and more money is being spent in search of experiences that can serve as the backdrop for that movie.

Whether it’s the Spokane Hoopfest or the surge of play in adult sport and social clubs or the hyper-social Mob eventsexperience is the new luxury.

If you had told me a year ago that a 5K series would capture the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of participants by throwing colored corn starch on them as they ran, I would have said that you were crazy….and I would have been wrong.

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