How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Event and Get More Registrants

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No matter the event, one significant indicator of success is how many individuals register. You want to be as close to sold out as possible for revenue and have as many ticket holders attend as possible. Instagram is a great platform for increasing exposure and getting more registrants.

Promoting Your Event on Instagram

It’s easy to see with Facebook’s event feature why promoting your event on social media is a great idea. It expands your exposure and attracts potential attendees who are outside your normal communication bubble. Instagram can be used to expand your reach, engage your audience and encourage those on the fence to buy a ticket.Learn how to use Instagram for your event by focusing on what to post, when to post and who to target your posts to below!

What to Post

The most important thing to focus on when using Instagram to promote your event is to make sure that your content is engaging and relevant to your targeted audience. The better curated your content is, the more likely you are to gain new followers and convert followers to attendees.Regardless of whether you use a separate account for your event, ensure that your profile is listed as an official Instagram business profile. The analytics data that Instagram provides business accounts can help identify what posts are performing and where there’s room for improvement.

- Normal Posts

There’s a variety of ways to use the basic Instagram post to promote your event. Consider implementing one of the following strategies and make sure to use a variety of them to get the maximum impact and not lose followers.

- Announcements

Releasing big news surrounding your event is an announcement that can be hyped up using an Instagram post. Release speakers, locations, dates and other relevant details through an Instagram picture.

- Flyers

Although basic, posting a simple event promotion flyer on your Instagram is a great way to spread information about your event. Make sure to use hashtags on this post to maximize the potential exposure. Don’t overuse these posts—no one wants to follow an overly promotional account.

- Past pictures

Not your first rodeo? Post pictures from events in the past to give social proof to why your event is necessary to attend. These posts can help convince those on the border to attend.

When You Post

Almost as important as what you post is the time you’re posting on Instagram. With Instagram’s algorithm, you want to maximize your exposure. Your event’s Instagram shouldn’t be silent until a month before your event. Using Instagram as a tool to create hype, showcase the event when it’s happening and reminisce, is easier than you think. You can also leverage special holidays and events on social media by hijacking a trending hashtag to give your event more exposure.

- Before

Before your event, use your posts to create a need in your followers. Highlight why your event is necessary to attend and the value that attendees will get. Your posts need to be more convincing during this phase.

- During

Use Instagram Live, stories and normal posts to create a feeling of FOMO during your event. Make sure that your posts show that those who didn’t attend are missing out on some great experiences. Don’t let your Instagram posts be just a reiteration of your event, make sure that they are snippets or behind-the-scenes content.

- After

Posts after your event should remind your attendees why your event was so great. Use your own photos and user-generated content to highlight the experience. Your followers that didn’t attend should feel as if they missed out and must attend next year.

Who to Target

Hashtags are a great way to find potential attendees for your event. Look up other events in your area and identify what local hashtags they are using. Find accounts posting with this hashtag and begin following relevant accounts. Make sure to engage with your followers so that they’re reminded of your account and event often.

Make Ticket Purchasing Simple

Having a great Instagram presence is great for your event branding. However, if none of your followers turn into attendees, then it’s clear your conversion and efforts aren’t working.An easy way to convert Instagram users to attendees is to make the ticket purchasing process as simple as possible for viewers. Include a direct link to your ticket purchasing page in your bio and on posts. Don’t make them navigate through your main landing page to find where to purchase.Use your Instagram to build hype around ticket purchasing as well. Early bird ticket prices ending soon? Make a post encouraging purchases that uses FOMO to convince followers.

A Picture’s Worth a 1000 Words, so How Much Is an Instagram Profile Worth?

The potential value of an Instagram profile for your event is immeasurable. Your exposure is going to increase by being on Instagram, and you can reach an entire potential group of ticket buyers that you wouldn’t have reached before. Make sure that your posts are engaging in order to see the maximum value and increase your chances of winning new attendees.

Using Instagram to Promote Events

Anastasia Masters is a Content Marketing Associate at G2. Hailing from Michigan, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in history. In her spare time, Anastasia enjoys eating her way through Chicago's different neighborhoods, exploring new places to visit across the globe, and watching the Chicago Cubs.

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January 24, 2020
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