Outdoor ariel view of Sunriver Homeowner's Aquatic & Recreation Center in Sunriver, Oregon.

"We have been extremely thankful for the Customer Support team at ACTIVENet."

Emily Alexander, Recreation Operations & Programs Manager
Sunriver Owners Association gives members control though ACTIVENet while making operations more efficient.
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Located in Sunriver, Oregon, Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) was named for the two main features of the area: sunshine and recreational waters. Sunriver is a dynamic and growing community where residents, as well as vacationing visitors, take advantage of Central Oregon’s recreational opportunities that include golf, rafting, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. This non-profit organization is directed by a nine-member board of directors with staff and departments managing the association's day-to-day operations.

ACTIVENet Puts Control in the Hands of Customers

Since 2010, SROA’s success revolves around the variety of modules ACTIVENet offers. Emily Alexander, recreation operations & programs manager, says, “Our daily operations utilize Point of Sale, Membership/ID Sale, Pass Validation, Facility Reservations and Activity Registration. ACTIVENet allows our owners to be in control in making their own reservations, and sometimes cancellation, for various programming without having to rely on the availability of staff. This has been a key component for getting people back into our facilities during the last 18 months.”

Features that Make Operations More Efficient

When asked what ACTIVENet feature is a must for daily operations, Alexander responded saying it was a toss-up between Pass Validation and the Membership Module.

“During our height of summer, we will process more than 2,000 membership passes through Pass Validation. If any red flags come up during validation, we can turn directly to our Membership Module," Alexander says. "We sell memberships to more than 7,000 owner/members and an additional 800-plus to rental properties each year. The way a membership sale ties into fee adjustments for facility reservations and activity registration is a major part of our efficient operations.”

Customer Support When You Need It

As much as SROA uses ACTIVENet, the pandemic presented new challenges when it came to engage customers. In addition to shifting focus to virtual fitness classes, SROA began encouraging property members to make their own tennis and pickleball court reservations, rather than coming in person for the services. This led to the need to invest time and resources into educating staff members on how to use programs in new ways, as well as develop tools for teaching customers how to use the CUI in ways not done before.

“We have been extremely thankful for the customer support team at ACTIVENet, as well as the staff offering optimization and refresher trainings," Alexander says.

SROA's mission statement, "Maintaining Sunriver as a premier residential and resort community, protecting and enhancing its quality of life, natural environment and property valuesstill rings true today. A four-season recreational community with a variety of opportunities offered, Sunriver Owners Association provides a range of resources that encompass activities, events and information about recreating in Sunriver.

To learn more about Sunriver Owners Association, click here.

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