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Leverage Your Data

ACTIVEHub empowers your organization to serve your community in the most effective and efficient way!
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Your data, any way you want it.

ACTIVENet Hub is a powerful self-service cloud-based data platform that allows you to easily access, visualize and transform your organizations' data.

Near real-time data

No more long waits for daily downloads of your database. ACTIVENet Hub leverages scalable, high throughput data streaming to give you near real-time access to your organizations' data.

Easy and dedicated access

ACTIVENet Hub transforms your organization's data into an easy to understand, fully documented schema, without API calls, software dependencies, or on-premise hardware.

Top-notch security

Rest easy, your data is secure. ACTIVENet Hub is accessed via a secure, dedicated VPN that has been fully tested and vetted by our Security, Compliance, and Privacy Teams.

Bring your own tools

The perfect fit for your organization's workflow. By utilizing SQL Server, ACTIVENet Hub can be used with any compatible visualization tool or coding language your team has already adopted.

Easy to access, easy to use

ACTIVENet Hub is compatible with a wide range of tools: 
...and more!

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The Genesis of the ACTIVENet Hub

CTO Stacey Fernandes shares her career journey and how ACTIVENet Data Hub came to be.

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