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The world's best timers choose ACTIVE.
The world's best timers choose ACTIVE.

Don't let time slip away ever again

With ACTIVE's state-of-the-art timing solutions, you'll have everything you need to set your event apart time after time.

Get the right results with IPICO

IPICO offers a versatile, reliable and affordable hardware solution built for your event with a full range of readers, mats, antennas, bibs and more.

  • Works across any type of sporting event
  • Meets the highest quality standards and is designed to operate in any climate
  • Aggregates key metrics and reports about your events and similar events to make smarter, data-driven decisions

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Integrations that will set the pace

Timers have a seamless scoring experience with a sophisticated timing platform that integrates with ACTIVE's IPICO hardware and the ACTIVE Results platform.

  • Live results SMS
  • Support for third parties
  • Robust support for online and offline work flows

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Score big with ACTIVE Results 3.0

Our integrated race results software for both live and final results publishing keeps timers and event organizers on top of their game.

  • Mobile-first design that lets you set up a custom-branded results page for your event within the Elite Tier of ACTIVEWorks
  • Live services, kiosk mode and SMS communication
  • Global support featuring 31 languages

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