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When you offer classes, facility rentals, memberships, camps and more to your community, a million tasks need to be done behind the scenes.

Add multiple systems to manage each offering and your staff may be drowning in administrative work instead of doing what they do best: serving their communities.

Enterprise recreation management software from ACTIVE Network solves this dilemma. You can manage your entire parks and recreation department through one user-friendly system. ACTIVE’s robust reporting tools enable data-driven decisions leading to increased efficiencies and actionable insights.

With ACTIVE’s secure and stable systems, you can operate with confidence. Our commitment to data security and compliance saves you and your department expenses and time. At ACTIVE, we are your partner in building strong communities.


Staff currently using ACTIVE Network's recreation management software.

Popular features for Operations Professionals

Data-driven business insights

Gain the data insights you need to make key business decisions with interactive and intuitive reports. Our standard and customizable reporting provides a 360-degree view of your member base, community engagement, facility usage, and much more. View the state of your business with pre-defined dashboards that combine data and graphical indicators to deliver at-a-glance summaries on actionable information.

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Platform Security

ACTIVE Network has gone to great lengths to be the industry-leader in security at every point of risk that our customers face. Parks and Recreation departments can feel confident that ACTIVE’s platform is not only safe today but that it will scale tomorrow. Our business is independently assessed for compliance to various security standards. In addition to the mandatory PCI compliance audit, we hold a current Level 1 Payment Processor Certification for all payment processing.

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Facility Reservations

Your facilities are gathering places for your community and central to your organization’s bottom line but managing reservation requests and permits can be a time-consuming process for your team. Simplify scheduling, increase facility utilization and eliminate double-bookings with the ACTIVENet Facility Management Module. You’ll have the ability view your facility utilization at-a-glance, understand the capacity being used at each facility and maximize your space most effectively.

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Bob Murray, Systems Development Manager,
Town of Enfield Connecticut

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