Get your swag back with Virtual Event Bags.

Delight participants and impress your sponsors by delivering virtual goodies right to their inbox with Virtual Event Bags.

Why Virtual Event Bags? 

Because it works. You work hard to develop relationships with sponsors and exhibitors for your event. Keep that relationship golden by delivering measurable results for your sponsors, and sweet swag to your participants.

3 simple steps to get your swag back.

The easy way to promote sponsors and engage participants.

Step 1: Create

Decide to either include event bag placements in your existing sponsor agreements or charge to participate.
Invite sponsors to visit your bag's content builder tool to create their placement in your event bag.

Step 2: Share

Reach your attendees before, during and after the event by sending them email invites from the platform.
Extend your bag's reach using social channels, existing communications and embed in your mobile app.

Step 3: Report

Visitor activity is tracked through the process populating reports showing performance of your event bag.
Sponsors have real-time access to their placement reports to monitor engagement and their ROI.
Create Content

Building your bag content is a collective effort.

No more collecting printed materials or managing digital assets. Give your sponsors and exhibitors complete control over the content they share with your audience. The best part? They create it! Our platform tools make it easy to invite, track, create and manage digital content from your partners.


Share your bag, right on schedule.

Sponsors invest in your event because of the quality of the audience you've built. When you share your bag via scheduled email invitations from the platform you generate predictable, proven results your sponsors expect. Promote access via your event mobile app, social media, event website, QR codes and more!

Report Better

Measurable results = strong relationships

Stop relying on attendee numbers to prove your event's value. Virtual Event Bags tracks every visit, view, and engagement for each individual and compiles a detailed report for every sponsor placement. The reporting extends the event's value to your audience and provides measurable ROI for your partners.

The ideal solution for any organization

Virtual Event Bags is perfect for a wide range of organizations, classes and events.
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